michael kors purses A tote of noteWhat it is:

By | August 20, 2015

A tote of note

What it is: Cabas, a French word that means, quite simply, shopping tote. It comes from the woven straw “cabas” or baskets used to transport fruit and vegetables from the market. Luxury Parisian luggage houses like Goyard and Louis Vuitton have them as designer bags, of bonded leather, often in their signature prints and textures (like Monogram and chevron). The English call them hold alls. Thus, they’re no mere shopper; they become status symbols.

Why: With the spring summer collec michael kors purses tion in mind, Lacoste creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista visited the Pays Bas area of France for inspiration. Thus, this season’s “Chantaco” bag michael kors purses takes its name (and a few design elements) from th michael kors purses e Lacoste family golf course there, michael kors purses where the crocodile’s golf champion wife Simon Thion de la Chaume especially enjoyed playing.

The bag is also in more limited distribution than Lacoste’s regular collections just 50 top Lacoste stores in the world, including Toronto and Montreal boutiques. The summer edition comes in basic black and a seasonal white, sky blue or navy.