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By | August 20, 2015

A The Great

For my second post today, I like to introduce a new addition to my family of posts; this post will be within the likes of fashion. Aside from being a nail polish addict, I also have a love for fashion and all it entails; one huge part being in the handbag genre.

Who can deny the beauty of a well made handbag?! Who wouldn want one? I confess I drooled over several handbags in my lifetime I could and couldn afford. Throughout my life my mother taught me the rules of having a quality, classy handbag; I managed to get a few!

So to put a few new moves here in Nailmattic steps, I established some int michael kors purses erviews pertaining to those women of the world, who (such as myself) share the same addiction love for handbags.

Today I like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine who is indeed a self confessed lover of Le handbags. We have gotten into many deep conversations about handbags, I michael kors purses couldn ever say after our discussions it didn prompt me to go browsing my favorite online stores for the latest handbag arrivals like you to read about The Great find out how She Bags $A$ the Great aka Lady A

What is your most preferred handbag style and why? My most preferred handbag style is a tote bag. My job lets me work from home a few days a week so I need a stylish yet big enough for me to bring my work home in.

Top 5 items you must carry in your handbag? My top 5 items that I carry in my bag are: Ipad, My makeup bag, lotion, Iphone and my sunglasses.

Top 5 handbags on your wishlist? Oh I only have to pick 5?! There so many! lol 1) Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag in Neon Yellow, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 30 in Cherry red, MCM medium boston bag in green, 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Medium satchel in any color and Marc by Marc Jacobs showbox in red.

Besides a nice handbag, what other accessory is a important piece to your michael kors purses attire? Another important accessory well accessories is definitely Jewelry and a good lipstick. Both make your whole look pop.

How do you justify an expensive handbag purchase? W michael kors purses hen buying an expensive bag I equate it to buying an piece of art. It beautiful and a nice investment :)

What do you like the most about the handbag you currently wearing? I like the fact that it reversible and that it came with a clutch. It like you getting two bags for the price of one :).

Finish this sentence: If (designer) asked me to design a handbag, the material i use is________! If Louis Vuitton asked me I have to say I use Python print because it just too freaking sexy

throw it in the bag (chimes in as finale song) and that people is how She Bags stay tuned to find out who I bag for the next interview :)))).