michael kors purses A Terrifying Story Of Unwanted

By | August 20, 2015

A Terrifying Story Of Unwanted Barber Arm Humping

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Recommended by Drew MagaryI am in a dilemma with my barber. Every time I go, he presses his junk into my arm/elbow while cutting my hair. I am not talking about the incidental contact that occurs while sitting in that position, I am talking about him standing in the same spot for upwards of 3 minutes at a time while I can feel his cocknballs pressed up against my poor arm. I have tried moving my arms inward, but all that seems to do is invite him in closer.

What do I do? It is extremely convenient for me to stick with him, and he knows exactly how I want my haircut. Do I just continue to suffer through the 15 minutes arm rape?

No haircut, in my opinion, is worth 15 minutes of arm rape. Surely, it’s worth just going to Supercuts or having a friend buzz your head with the old 4 to avoid being, you know, sexually assaulted.

It’s amazing how lazy and loyal men can simu michael kors purses ltaneously be. Here we have Mike happily enduring a hairy cock rubbing against his arm for minutes at a time, all because finding another barber (which isn’t that hard) requires too much effort. And that’s just a barber! Think of the guys you know who will stick with something for far too long because changing requires that extra little bit of motivation they consistently lack. This is how your friend ends up marrying that one girl you can’t stand. Sure, he can’t stand her either. But does he want michael kors purses to go through the process of breaking up with her, then face trying to find a new woman willing to sleep with him? FUCK AND NO, he doesn’t. He’ll marry that girl, and get stuck in a job he’ll never have the sack to quit, and then he’ll die fifty years later.

Men, DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU. Don’t settle for the bad girlfriend, or the arm raping barber. Demand more from yourself. GET OUT THERE AND LIVE, DAMMIT!

Anyway, Mike follo michael kors purses wed up with this update:

There have been some developments. I have had my haircut twice by this guy since (you CANNOT beat $9), and on the day of my first time back I cooked up an experiment. I decided that when he moves in for the kill, I am going to elbow him in the junk. Going t michael kors purses o this barber is ungodly cheap and convenient, so if I can curb him of his tendencies my hair cutting experiences can remain simple and easy. And if it goes wrong, what’s the worst that would happen?