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By | August 20, 2015

a teen selling drugs is the only way for me to make money

Well. I 24, i sell drugs (prescriptions are my specialty) and its because I lost a good job, i have a 3 week old daughter, a wife (who doesn make shit) and a house if I don sell, i loose it all. its not about an or sneakers its about paying bills, and buying formula. shit i rarely even eat myself just so my frickin daughter can eat. I regret every pill i ever sold, i regret every pill i ever ate, and if I could give it all back I would If I had a mommy and daddy that paid for that shit for me, shit. or if I just had a good job again Shit. shit on half of my resumes i lied and said i had an associates. i went to college to become a pro pilot (big mistake) because flying is too fukin expensive thanks to president bush gas prices. gotta have a ton of flying hours in to get any jobs as a pro pilot to begin with. Life Sucks, Pills suck, Jobs Suck, thats the world we live in. As for your question kid if ur still a teen, goto college for engineering or become a pharmacist or somethin. This was enough to get me slightly nervous for my own well being (jail time, fines, etc). When it came to more substances (marijuana, mushrooms, opium, etc), law enforcement seemed less concerned with and more concerned with the amount of alcohol being distributed to minors and the drugs.

That being said, there is always “that guy” that is looking to bust on the guy trying to make a buck selling grass. And he is pretty crafty and will make your life miserable. I remember making a decision to get out while I was ahead and got a job on campus as a short order chef. Once I graduated with a degree, I had no problem getting a job that could pay the bills and live a comfortable lifestyle. I hope this may bring in some perspective for you folks.

As for my advice, stay low while you are still in. Seek a way out (of the selling aspect atleast) and a way to get by until you can finish school. Once you have that diploma, the world is your oyster.

Move to california and sell weed. State law says its legal and all you have to do is get a 215 card. You can obtain one as easily as saying you have a backache and you would like to be prescribed medical marijuana. This allows you to legally grow and possess marijuana with no penalty. although federal law still prohibits marijuana since there is a conflict o michael kors purses f law you wouldn suffer any charges if you got caught, if anything you have to throw everything out and start over somewhere else.

sounds good to me! Just stay away from real drugs like heroin and cocaine and never experiment with them either. Marijuana is gods gift to earth and it is NATURAL and the only reason its illegal is because the money cant make money off of it unless its by criminilizing it. Along with that reason comes the bullshit stigma they are advertising to go along with making it a crime. Like all these pot commercials saying that smoking weed is giving up your personal freedom when really marijuana is all about liberation and being free and being an individual and finding out who you are and exploring new creative things!! Marijuana also is the most medically useful drugs with NO harmful side effects! marijuana was made out to be harmful so the gover michael kors purses nment looks good throwing people in jail for it!! people are blind!!! Marijuana is SCIENTIFICALLY proven to be LESS HARMFUL then ASPIRIN!! It is simply not toxic enough to kill you and does not cause any cancer. If anything marijuana is useful to cancer patients by allowing them to have an appetite and curing their nausia from the radiation treatment. it also cures glaucoma, schizophrenia, depression, and various other conditions on top of it being a great pain killer. DO NOT JUDGE THAT WHICH GROWS ON GODS GREEN EARTH. EVERYTHING ON EARTH IS A PART OF OUR WORLD AND CONNECTS TO US IN SOME WAY SHAPE OR FORM NO MATTER WHAT AND IT DOES NOTHING BUT GOOD.

Before the rest of you take this any more out of proportion and start making assumptions, and also for future users who wish to give an answer. this is a completely hypothetical situation based on my experiences from working with organizations that promote DRUG CONTROL! I just thought it would make for an interesting debate/discussion on AnswerBag when I first joined. So please don assume that I am, personally, asking you to convince me to stop selling drugs. Do I look that stupid? Thank you. :)

What do you need money for? You a teenager haven you got someone putting a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and clothes on your back?

Please tell me this isn so you can get cool sneakers or an ipod or some other nonsense. Kid, those are non essentials. If you willing to risk your future on a pair of shoes, you a moron and you deserve what you get.

If you wait a few years, you can get a real job and have plenty more money without having to hustle and risk injury and jail. If you get busted selling, you may not be able to get a legit job down the road, and you be in this same boat for the rest of your life.

Did it occur to you that maybe this guy DOESN’T HAVE PARENTS THAT CAN TAKE CARE OF THOSE THINGS?? I’m 21 and from the age of 16 to 2o i sold drugs so that me and my little brother could have cloths and not go days on chips and water. I almost went to prison on 2 different on occasions but i was lucky. I currently have a good job and me and my little brother are living a lot better but i don’t regret doing what i did. my advice is if you have to hustle in order to provide then don’t sell anything harder than weed. if you buy 40 bucks worth in NUG’s (that’s a bag of 3) (1 nug = a 20 sack) then you can sell 20 sacks and make $60 dollars for every $40 dollars you spend, that’s a $20 dollar profit. do this every 3 days and your making $40 dollars a michael kors purses week in profit. That’s $160 every 4 weeks.

I know a “family” that makes most of their living this way. During the past 2 years, 1 son, 3 cousins and 1 son in law,were all shot, the most recent was 2 weeks ago, ages from 13 to 22 years old. AT the funeral home for one of the cousins a few months back, their grandmother was speaking to me about their activities.

>STERN, UNFORGIVING VOICE, SHE SAYS ” I KEEP TELLEN THESE KIDS. If you want to start off your early adulthood in the slammer that your business. Besides, you are a teen, WHY is that the only way you can make enough money. Do you have a mortgage to pay? You can do what 90% of other teens do and work in a fast food restaurant, or grocery store, or pet sitting ( I know someone who made $30K last year just from walking dogs) There are MANY things you can do. There is not one restaurant in my town center that doesn have a “help wanted” sign and they are all jobs that tend to hire teens. If you insist on continuing to break the law by selling drugs and possibly harming others, when you have so many other alternatives, than I afraid to say you deserve to spend time behind bars.

You already have a family to support? The government has many programs to support low income families. If you don qualify as low income, than you probably really don need to be selling drugs. Why don you do what I did. Worked two part time jobs and took out a small loan. You can get a full loan and pay that back when you graduate. The “family to support and college” situation is hardly a unique one. I waited tables thru college and made decent money. Enough to pay my own way (car, insurance, apt) with a little extra. By the way, if you work in a higher end restaurant you can make very good money. (I know waiters making $80K and I know bartenders making the same). If you are like most Americans (of all ages) you are living beyond your means, so maybe you could scale back on things.

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You are on a dead end street. Your life will go more and more downhill until you lose not only all of your possessions your friends and your family. You will go to jail several times owe money to lawyers that you can not pay, you will not be able to travel to other countries. You will have no one that you can trust. You will use and become addicted and if you don’t die from your addiction you will wish you were dead. You will ruin your liver your kidneys and your appearance. You will ruin your lungs. To keep your habit going you will shoplift, steal from everyone you know, it will become an addiction too. Your standing with God will be bad so you will also have no hope of a future. Why put yourself through all that by starting. Success in life would be defined as one who stays away from drugs and never gets drunk and has a good marriage, a good job, a family, good neighbors and a relationship with Jehovah the true God.

Imagine being in your 50s and seeing the outside of a prison gate for the first time in years! You are so scared of the outside world, you can’t face it so you lock yourself away in a basic flat, with second hand furniture. You live a basic existance, terrified every day. You are hounded out by bad acquantances and make poor judgements. You end up locked up again where you are never again to be free. You die, cold and alone in a prison cell. Your funeral is simple, no one attends, no one knows you or cares. Your grave lies overgrown with weeds, neglected, uncared for. You have no gravestone and people walk quickly past and don’t even notice, only they comment how messy the place looks. There will allways be drugs and their allways be junkies and their will be people willing to risk it all for money. Some will die, some will go to jail and have unspeakable things happen to them, and some will get rich. Now just cause you bitch ass mother fuckers don’t have the balls or brains to make easy money, how dare you insult and put down se o michael kors purses ne who desires more than an “HONEST” nine to five minnimum wage. Fuck you mother fuckers, die slow! And don’t talk about shit you’ve only watched in movies and shit that your “friends” have expierienced. I am typing this on my iPhone sitting on a roof top pool in Santiago chile on vacation payed for with drug money. So all you good to do bitches can suck a dick and die.

Kid if you play your cards right you can get rich one slip and your done don’t sell dope to stuip ass kids who will snitch when they get caught. When you get money save it till you can buy an once or more. Then start selling to small dealers or middle men. Then from their keep working your way up till your the wholesalers supplier. Rennet never burn people cause they won’t become regular customers, don’t buy a gun unless you are willing to use it, a most importantly don’t run your mouth, don’t start buying cars, rolex’s, and flashy shit. Stay away from party drugs like extasy cause it has an irregular demand. Stick with the basics weed and coke. Aviod crack, meth, herion and shit like that because there’s alot more violent crime surronding those.

Last but not least make sure your profit margin on each and every sale is worth it. For example if you can get an oz of weed for 200 don’t you dare sell it for less than 250, better yet sell to half oz for 150 each. And it’s alot simpler to not use the drugs you are selling because you won’t be tempted and you will be able to keep your mind on the money and not getting caught good luck mother fucker. You will provide an endless amount of discussion for your proud family. :(