michael kors purses A Step By Step Guide With Pict

By | August 19, 2015

A Step By Step Guide With Picture Illustration

Step 1: Empty The Bag To See What’s InsideYou’d be surprised at what you might find in a diaper bag at the end of the day. The cons michael kors purses tant taking things out and putting things in can leave somewhat of a disaster in the hours between morn michael kors purses ing and night. Not to mention the things your child is taking out and putting in if you have older kids. The first step to organizing a diaper bag is to empty the contents of the bag to see what is actually inside. Once you’ve done that, discard of any unnecessary items such as gum wrappers, loose raisins, banana peels, etc. Then, take a good look at the gear that you as a mom are required to carry on a daily basis.

Step 2: Get Some Ziploc BagsI read a few articles when my daughter was little about traveling on an airplane with a baby. They suggested organizing everything in Ziploc Bags so you can find what you need more easily. I loved the idea and started using it with my every day diaper bag. Honestly, the Ziploc Bags are the key to a successfully organized diaper bag. You will need gallon sized bags, quart sized bags, and you may need some sandwich bags too depending on how organized you want to get.

Bottles (for babies)Step 4: DiapersDiapers are the most common reason to carry a diaper bag. Diapers also tend to get everywhere inside the diaper bag. They get folded and sometimes broken from shoving them into the diaper bag and taking them out. Wipes are another thing that tend to get a little messy inside the diaper bag. And forget about the rash cream! It always finds its way to the bottom of the bag, you have to pull everything out when you need it!

In a gallon sized Ziploc, put your daily supply of diapers. Luckily, the older the baby gets, the less diapers they tend to need on a day to day basis, so a gallon sized bag is roomy enough for many, many newborn diapers and just enough toddler sized diapers alike. Pack the Ziploc so there is enough room to include the wipes and the rash cream.

You may want to include a few grocery shopping bags to discard soiled diapers and also some Wee Wee Pads in this Ziploc as well. Now stay with me here: When my daughter was a baby I discovered those little plastic changers they include with diaper bags didn’t really do the trick when there was an “accident” (yes, baby girls have them too) or a particularly messy diaper. I bought some Wee Wee Pads from the local pet store (a box of 150 or 200 cost about $40 or $50 and would last forever) and I’d just pack a fresh supply with my diapers before leaving the house and toss t michael kors purses hem in the trash with the diaper after using them. They’re also great to use at home to protect the changing pad cover.

Step 5: ToysThere is nothing worse than walking through the store with your bored and fussy toddler and not being able to find one of the hundred toys you packed that morning to keep her occupied! As any parent can tell you, a toddler who is over the activity that you are subjecting them to can go from happy and smiling to screaming, crying, and attracting LOTS and LOTS of attention in less than 60 seconds. That is why in your next gallon sized Ziploc, you are going to pack your baby’s favorite toys.

You would be surprised to see what you can fit inside one of these things. Stuffed animals, of course. Little People are great and always manage to keep my daughter occupied, so we usually have a few of them in our bag. And books! You can fit a few toddler books inside a gallon sized Ziploc. Put them all in the same bag so they are easy to find and get for your child no matter where you may be.

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Step 6: Regardless of whether your child is an infant or a toddler, it is always important to carry a change of clothes or two. You never know when a diaper is going to fail to do its job and you don’t want to get stuck with a soaked and stinky kid.

You’re going to need a few quart sized Ziplocs (one for each outfit) and at least one gallon sized Ziploc. Place each individual outfit (pants, shirt, socks) into a quart sized Ziploc. You may need to use gallon sized Ziplocs of your child is bigger or if the clothes are heavier. Do not pack jackets or coats, as you will probably need to use them to leave the house.

Step 7a: Snacks (for older kids)If you have toddlers, you know how important it is to keep a few snacks handy when you are running around and may loose track of time. I’d read an article recently that suggested putting stickers of cartoon characters on kids snacks to get them to eat more healthy items. Though I don’t have stickers of cartoon characters, I do have plenty of puppy, kitten, and happy face stickers laying around the house. I am happy to report this strategy does work and the stickers on the sandwich baggy get my toddler to eat snacks like raisins, tomatoes, and carrots. I’m not going to lie though, I will stil michael kors purses l put stickers on the bag even if it contains cookies, but she gets fewer of those bags.

Just like with everything else, organize individual snack bags and a few juice boxes in one gallon sized Ziploc. If your toddler is anything like mine, you may want to leave the large cups of juice out of this bag and put them in the holders on the side of the diaper bag for easy access.

Step 7b: Bottles For BabiesJust like snacks for your toddler, unless you’re nursing, you don’t want to forget bottles for babies! I found that it was easiest to carry my bottles prefilled with the right amount of water and a formula dispenser with the right amount of formula. This way, when my daughter got hungry, all I had to do was warm the water, dump the formula, shake, mix, and feed.

It is easiest to use the side pockets to carry the baby bottles for easy access and put the formula dispenser inside the diaper bag. If you need more than two bottles for a trip, some diaper bags have additional holders on the inside. This is going to depend greatly on your baby, how much he eats, and how many times a day he eats.

Step 8: Now, we have the leftover stuff which includes the things you still carry. As you may notice, you carry significantly less for yourself these days, yet it is still hard to find space in the diaper bag for your significantly few items. For the time being, just take those items out and set them to the side. We’re only going to deal with the baby’s things for now.

This may include things like band’aids, brushes, a bib, etc. Now, you can just throw all of these items into one gallon sized miscellaneous Ziploc or you can separate them out into quart sized and sandwich baggies for a little more organization. I do recommend setting things like Purell and baby lotion aside to put in a more easily accessible spot in the diaper bag. We will get to that later.