michael kors purses A Spiritual NONSENSE at Velliy

By | August 19, 2015

A Spiritual NONSENSE at Velliyangiri

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Many of us would have gone to Isha Yoga center at Velliyangiri adivaram. near Coimbatore. popularly known as Dhyanalingam. I too went a few times for meditations. One of my friend came back after 7 days of Samyama. so I know what is going on, a bit.

The issue is, they say, they are the worshipers of Vana Shree ( Forest God ). But what they do on the Maha Shivarathri is a NONSENSE! They litterally lit the area with a few thousand Lights and in the name of meditation or celebration they creat sounds of a few thousands watts. having michael kors purses no regard for the fauna/ animal life in that area located at the edge of the forest. Thous michael kors purses ands of cars, and vehicles adds to the air pollution. and in the entire exercise you can see their double standards, having no regard for the natural serenity of the holy hill and forest.

Last year drums player Siva mani. worlds best/fastest !! . but i dont know whether they are aware of people like Rick Allen,”Kenny” (or Kenney) Jones ., came and blasted or added great noise to the otherwise silent, animals rich forest and this year Remo it seems. I dont blame these musicians. since I know Sivamani from his days at OSHO and Mr Remo has personally sent me a card in those Bombay city days!

If PSG institutions could not build michael kors purses their education institutions in Anaikatti forests. how come this Guru is allowed to convert acres of agri land very near to the forest to build halls, residential complex and guest houses. by converting a rich natural jungle into brown colured concrete jungles ? I know the masks of the indian gurus very well. and aware of Mr Jaggis Chicken eating Tirupur days. where he started his spiritual business. ( in those days he was reporting to Vinay Dutta of Bangalore. in the name of an instructor of Sahajasthithi yoga . originally their [Vinay Dutta’s idea] along with some friends. I came to know that Pankaj Raveendran is now in Madurai!!

I dont want to go deep into his personal issues but can he show some responsibility by bringing down those few thousand watts or noise pollution in the midnight at the EDGE of the natural forest?? If they dont. to stop THIS NONSENSE!

Shiva will be angry on REMO if he performed with a few thousands watts of light michael kors purses and sound at the edge of the forest at midnight !!Chella, it is a known fact that to get something you must give or compromise on something. Paying more for something less in return has become a way of life today. The major fault is that no one seems to know the price he is paying to live such a life. People need to look more seriously at what they are damaging than what they are trying to construct. It is basic mathematics.

Thanks for bringing it to our notice. The word will spread. So what is new in what you have said? nothing! This sort of ‘thing’ has been going on from time memorial; in one form or another. And believe me when i say that there are more on the way.

The “good” people of the Isha Foundation should understand, that there is NO WAY you can screw around with nature, and get away with it. Apart from this, Isha is involved in a lot of environmental projects. Having been there, i know this. After all, you are seeing what they are doing for one night alone and forgetting what they are doing the rest of the year!

Hence allow me to express my objection to your post. Your concern for the surrounding forest is an honorable one, but your estimations about the intentions and role of Sadhguru are completely off base. Perhaps sit again in the presence of the incredible Dhyanalinga and feel the song of love for life that pours from it. I can only imagine that every beating heart in a hundred mile radius must benefit immeasurably from its proximity. to be there from a spine shaking experience I had merely viewing a photograph of the linga. I wish you all the best.

Murray sounds gentle and he would have felt those energy and it is understandable. Most of these experiences are subjective and i dont have any arguement but i dont know how many SAdhu’s he met than these modern Gurus ( Spiritual Businessmen . the list in india has more than 100 sadgurus and avadars ) who are using Public address systems and Mass media campaigns. All these gurus are having their stories of enlightenment told to public only after getting few thousand people around them . They will start as instructors, then gurus, then Sadgurus, rishis, muni’s, gurudev etc etc wrt to the number of followers. I also understand that nice people like Murry etc whould have felt the glimpses. it is kilometers outside the city. after reaching there, i was told not to take my baby son inside, so that he wont disturb others. i refused to go in either: Yuthishtira (Dharma) in Mahabharat refused to enter the heaven when a stray dog that followed him was refused entry, surely i can refuse the spiritual heaven that forbids my son! my point is, they could have informed in their numerous publicity brochures that children are not allowed. Having taken a child all the way, am i expected to leave him out? on my way back, in surly mood, i picked a quarrel with the guard, who told me not to park in a particular place while waiting for my wife. the fellow told me something about the cars being a disturbance to the meditation. i retorted that if you expect a rich man to come to your institution you must accomodate his car also. after all, you could have said, “no visitors please” and that is that. a rich man’s purse cannot travel alone. and the rich suckers cannot walk 20 km, even for a great guru like him!

the fact is that these modern gurus are selling religion, not spreading. they exploit the guilt of the new rich, their guilt about their money amidst the poverty and their attempts to buy off the conscience with some yoga and exercise. no guru ever cares for the poor. the poor are mere tools to show off their charity, through their hospitals. hinduism is for the rich; no hindu guru enters a slum to preach religion. only the christian missionaries care for the poor. and, when the poor people respond to the missionaries, and worship their god, then the VHPs and RSSs will cry hoarse about conversions!

i have carefully watched these gurus, including the one who recently celebrated 25 years of service with pomp, none of them is advocating ethics in your business or personal life. if you preach the businessman, the politician and the bureaucrat to be honest with people, they will stop coming to you! instead, let them bring their tainted money to you, and you with your holy touch, will make that money clean! buddha dissented 2500 years ago with the priestly religion that sent only the rich to heaven through costly ‘yagnas’. and all these centuries had not made any change in the attitude of the hindu gurus. To say fire will burn your home i have to be burned first. To say fool what you have known about Chella. I went and wrote and saw what nonsense is going on there in the name of isha fest and shivarathri. You read the history of your chicken yogi first before commenting on my eligibility. Chella has seen fanatics. normally fools aplenty. Infront of nature everyone is a speck of a speck. That much understanding, boldness,love and honesty is imbibed in Chella by many gurus in the past. So dont care and journey goes on. with love Chella