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By | August 19, 2015

a pain in the back

Experts say many of the problems could be avoided by using better suited bags, doing more exercise and improving posture.

However Ceri, 13, of Camberley in Surrey, says that despite the publicity many children are still oblivious that they are at risk, wrongly assuming that back problems are only for michael kors outlet online adults.

“Many of them were not w michael kors outlet online earing their bags properly they either had single strap bags or they had their double straps attached too loosely, or off one shoulder.

“We would also like to have lockers at the school, but the problem is where we would site them.”

Jenny Wigram, a physiotherapist who holds weekly sessions at the school, said she had been deeply concerned about children’s backs for some time.

She said pupils not only carried bags that were too heavy and poorly designed, but they also spent long periods sitting at unsuitable desks and hunched over computers on “horrible plastic stacker chairs”.

She said she feared that, as technology advances, the problems will become worse particularly as children get access to hand held computers which would mean them not having to use their desks for long periods.

“They also have no lockers and all have to carry their bags around with them.

“They do not always have ergonomically designed bags, as they do not necessarily th michael kors outlet online ink they are cool.”

She said about one in four of the pupils referred to her clinics have low back pain.

“And this figure does not include mid back and neck problems.

“It is impossible to categorise their spinal problems into sports injuries versus postural problems.

“The students usually present with a mixture of both.

“Typically they may describe a sports injury which is not the primary cause of the problem but rather the ‘last straw’.

“There is usually a background of other causative factors such as school furniture, school bags and lifestyle.”

But she said schools like South Dartmoor Community College are now starting to take notice and that when they redesigned their library recently michael kors outlet online they ensured the furniture was more suitable.

A spokeswoman for the charity BackCare said it wanted to see action taken to help children.

“We are currently lobbying for the introduction of ergonomic school furniture and for schools to meet the statutory requirements to provide storage for pupils belongings.