michael kors outlet online A Nutty Guy Who Likes Dolphins

By | August 19, 2015

A Nutty Guy Who Likes Dolphins

POTC 2 was kind of a let down. the ending was absolutely horrible and im so pissed about it. but it was kind of funny, just keira was kind of annoying and it just wasn’t all that great. still entertaining though. and we saw it on friday so there were a lot of weirdos dressed up for the movie. what idiots dress up for a stupid pirate movie?? god. seirously. they need a life. hardy har har.

oh but i have a really good pirate joke: What is a pirate’s favorite letter? P!!! BECAUSE ITS LIKE (aaarrrr)R, BUT ITS MISSING A LEG!!! hahahahaha

anyways. today one of the directors came up to me today at flag and told me that one of the senior counselors whose group i have really appreciated my work and thought i was a really good horse counselor who loved all the girls and interacted with all of them. it made me feel fuzzy and warm inside. quite happy.

oh and i saw kirsten and ryanna fossum (virginia’s step sisters) today at camp. basically kirsten grew like 10 feet and is now super tall and was totally sporting a bikini. it was really funny. she got like. out of her awkard stage though. and ryanna just entered hers. but its super funny seeing them at camp. without virginia. mm yeah.

anyways rydos coming over.

ahahah i got a 4 on my ap eng exam and im super excited! yay that.

yesterday we had the holiday off which was nice because i got to michael kors outlet online sleep in. which i haven’t got to do in well, forever. but me ry and mom and danny went to the rosebowl to watch teh fireworks. we saw preston, travis and avery there with prestons family so that was really nice to see him during the summer. we all lit off fireworks together and had a jolly ol time. after the firework show though there was a huge fire really close to where we sat, and it was kinda cool. its sad that i think a fire is cool, but hey. it was. not gunna lie.

but on the more depressing side. my mom was taking mochi for a walk the other night, and out of no where some coyote came out, grabbed mochi and ran away with her. my mom found her far away and the coyote had killed her. its really sad and my brother is really despondent about the whole situation, because it really really sucks. and now im super apprehensive about letting melia outside at all just because i would absolutely die if she died. but its sad. we’ve lost 3 animals to stupid SOB coyotes and its just getting ridiculous. those damn things piss me off. but yeah. rip mochi. she wasnt my like favorite dog ever, but she was still a good dog.

wholy fuck i love my job. i just got paid today for working 2 weeks and without taxes i made unfortunately the stupid government took like of that, but still, thats a michael kors outlet online lot!!! yayyyy super awesome job! thats like literally 3 or 4 times the amount of money i make at hallmark and im doing something i thoroughly enjoy. hahah. wow i love life.

yesterday a bunch of people from tsc and i went to six flags. it was super hot but sooooo much fun! we went on all the thriller roller coasters and it was just awesome. i love roller coasters and like seriously some of them are such great fun. tatsu=awesome. but yeah, that was a really fun day. and i learned a whole bunch of australian lingo. like sunglasses=sunnys. isnt that such a cuter name? sunnys? i like it. and they say “heaps” a lot. like. “that roller coaster looks like its heaps of fun” hahahah. ohhh boy oh boy.

but anyways, tomorrow we have the day off so i can finally sleep in. yaaay! but work has been amazing lately. the kids are for the most part super cute and ive gotten to ride a lot more. its just overall michael kors outlet online awesome. and i made some more pretty close friends (outside of horse staff) and they are awesome too. but yeah, i guess i really need to write in here more. but i honestly just dont have any time. all i want to do right now is take all my money and spend it all on jeans. haaahahah juuust kidding. but it is nice to be like. rich. and earn so much money in such a short time. ohh loves it.

so i am like super tan right now and its still the first week of camp. like. unfortunately its not the hot type of bikini tan where your tan on your stomach and stuff. its like shorts sock and watch tan. pretty not hot. but i am loving camp so much. oh man. last night we had a staff meeting and afterward all of horse staff +other people went out to coffee and it was just amazing. ahh friday will be super tight too. i love my job, the kids are the cutest things everrr. and they love you. endlessly. its like the perfect job for someone who needs lots of love (not that i need lots of love.) but im just saying. the kids are great. they make you seem like you are like god. and in some messed up way i guess you kinda are to them.

anyways, my life has literally consisted of camp camp and more camp. so thats really all i have to write about. and its probably getting really old right now. but my life is great and i hope everyone else is having a rocking summer.

so basically i have not had a full nights rests because i have literally been on the go since the day i got out of school. horse training on thurs, staff training on fri (10 hours!!), horse training on fri, and hallmarky on sun. and then of course today was the first day of camp!! so exciting!

it was a great first day. minus the fact that some horse totally bit me. hard. it was a good day. i got to meet some of the other senior/asistant/junior counselors and im pretty excited. we have good staff this year! but i am suuuuuuper tired. so far my summer has been amaaazing! after staff trainings, me and ry hung out a bunch, went shopping with beth, and me ry jam and ed hung out tambien. its been good. i wish my life was like this every single day because these are like the best years of my life. seirously. i consider myself super lucky so have such a thoroughly entertaining, fun and exciting job that i actually really look forward to. ahhh. i love people and the ponies. what more could i ask for? hmm but yeah. yay tom sawyer. oh and it rocks cuz i have/make lots of new friends. and my boyfriend looks so unbelievably adorable when hes working with children. its like a whole new ry. hahaha.

ahhh!!! one more day!!!and mrs skalla has a hot daughter. whoooo kneww?? i didnt

wholllly shiit im so excited for the end of school, you have no ideaa!!!
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tom sawyer training on both sat and sun. the sat one was literally 9 hours long, but who cares i got paid lots :) and i got to meet the horse staff for this year. we got 3 brand new international staff members!!! 2 from australia and 1 from new zealand. the girl from aussie is tight, and the guy is like suuuuuuuuper hot! his name is Jesse, and he is like, quite good looking with quite a hot accent. he is definitely a looker. he probably already has a line of girls waiting for him (and he can ride! hah!) but yeah. i=suuuuuper excited. yesterday after horse staff training (and might i add i got to ride for the first time in forever and i am sooo sore!) but anyway, we all went to hillstreet for lunch (and saw piley and MARTHA hahah) but anyways. so the girl, leanne, from nz, ordered a chinese chiken salad. but she thought the salad didnt have enough taste to it, so she put in. ketchup. apparently in australia and new zealand tahts very common. but . ew. ketchup in a salad? ew. lol they definitely do it differently over there!

but yeah, im just so happy to finally be an AC. TSC counselors are grouped in 3 ways. JCs, ACs, and SCs. I was a JC for the past 2 years, but now im finally old enough to be an AC. and so now, not only do i actually get paid but i can actually hang out with the other staff. see. TSC is probably the most politically correct camp ever. and since Junior Counselors are volunteers. the camp has to count them technically as “campers” so they cant hang out with any other staff except other JC’s. thats all fine and dandy for the regular jc’s cuz they dont really know other staff, but since i worked at horses i worked with lotttts of AC’s and SC’s (assistant and senior counselors) and i always heard about stories about them hanging out and all the crap. but wasnt allowed to go with them. but nowww i can!! yay. finally. hahaha. but it is quite exciting.