michael kors outlet online A nose for ScotchVANCOUVER

By | August 19, 2015

A nose for Scotch

VANCOUVER The best way to research Scotch is at night, with a few friends and wit michael kors outlet online hout any rules.

Ian Millar, Glenfiddich ambassad michael kors outlet online or, shared that bit of advice yesterday before a special nosing and tasting of his best single malts.

The Scot, who has managed 10 distilleries, carefully explained some variables in producing whiskies that have been aged for a minimum of 12 years up to batches sitting in oak casks for over six decades.

Still, his advice for drinkers michael kors outlet online flowed as smoothly as the biting brew he keeps watch over.

“It really relies on experimentation,” he said. “You can’t just put [water] in your whisky and put a particular measure of water in to make it right for everyone.”

He suggested drinking whisky as it comes from the bottle first. From there, adding a drop of quality water is best to bring out the full flavour.

Backed up with 34 years of whisky experience, Millar had a couple choice tips for virgin whisky sippers.

“Canadian whisky is quite young and quite fiery. I would ask people to try a smooth 12 year old single malt because michael kors outlet online that will be more accessible to younger palettes.”