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By | August 19, 2015

A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection Blu

When Warner Brothers sent Mania the complete A Nightmare on Elm Street box set on Blu ray I knew it was going to be a monumental task. How does one review seven films in such a franchise? Obviously, these films are not for every one. I wanted to look at what effect a Blu ray transfer would have on these films. In short, would they hold up? I decided to use to IGN Krueger Best Kills (see the article here) has a starting point.

1 A Nightmare on Elm Street

The blood scene that rivals The Shining still holds up and is indeed a true nightmare. Real world practical effects outshine CGI any day. That fact alone is something that Hollywood and filmmakers have forgotten. The effects in 1080p are brilliant, until Phillip (Bradley Gregg) walk michael kors outlet online s through an unopened door way. Freddy cutting his strings also doesn shine in 1080p. Great gore here with practical effects and the Freddy marionette is good too. Freddy head popping up out the TV looks bad for all of about three seconds. Freddy killing Zsa Zsa Gabor, one for the ages. It great to have a character hold their own even for 30 seconds. The effects here are great. The open drug tracks on her arm are creepy and Freddy needle fingers still frighten. Proving, again, practical effects win out over CGI in 1080p every time. The actress, Toy Newkirk who plays Sheila, probably wouldn want to watch this scene in 1080p. Not only is michael kors outlet online there an incredibly bad CGI (circa 1988) robotic hand, but you can clearly see Newkirk did not wax her upper lip that day.

6 A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

can check in. The prosthetics and make up remind us that green screens and CGI morphing really do pale comparison. Here it is the latter. Erika Anderson Greta has tons of make up on her face to appear stuffed by Freddy food. The make up looks rushed and shoddy. This could be due to two things, budget or a lo michael kors outlet online ng day of shooting with close ups happening last. Here 1080p is not kind. The whole film, however, really is a mess from Tom Arnold to Alice Cooper to Johnny Depp cameo. The film itself looks good in 1080p, however Robert Englund make up is to michael kors outlet online o good. Why the sleek Kruger this time around? The fun family Freddy has completely taken over. Scene 11

This might be one of the longest death sequences in the entire franchise. It may also be the most unique. Freddy tortures Carlos (Ricky Dean Logan) with sound after sticking a long q tip in his ear. The following sequence is great in DTS HD. If anything it is a great departure from all the gags and jokes as Freddy tortures someone who can hear him.