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By | August 19, 2015

a nickel bag of chips and a flat Pepsi

I grew up first listening to, and then participating in political discussions. My uncle was a civil rights activist priest Freedom Summer in Mississippi and Selma to Montgomery. He knew the who who of the state Democrats, and when Jimmy Carter came through town on the stump, he and Uncle noshed.

I cut my political teeth as a 14 year old Watergate expert, reciting details for the adults who didn have time to read all of the news accounts. I debated that issue in history class, down to the last school day when I told all Nixon wouldn be president when school started the following fall. Nobody, teacher Owens included, thought I was right. August 9 came and went, and so did Tricky Dick.

As a senior, in Contemporary World Affairs class, I did one of those tedious analog studies of major nation economic strength and spending, and predicted that Communism would collapse before the end of the century. A combination of the weakness of the communist system and the allure of what capitalistic gains China, especially, could achieve. This was in 1976, so very much an almost lone voice. The point is joining was a natural thing to do.

The first meeting was about organizing for a fundraiser in City. Vice President Walter was the headliner, and our help was needed to paint sign and park cars for the event.

Because I was still an artist then, I did sign the one greeting at the entrance to the hall. Done with a lettering brush to White House specs with an American flag and a designated shade of white background.

We carpooled the 35 mile drive to the OKC Fairgrounds. It was a cold, drizzly October night, so I was issued an official Democratic raincoat along with an orange coned flashlight. I was given the privileged position as far away from the hall as possible, standing in the middle of a 4 lane street, waving the faithful in.

I was a starving student, and was told my reward besides the honor of contributing to the Greater Good be a barbecue and bean meal, like the paying attendees were eating.

After I have no idea how long a time, I was told my knee knocking, runny nosed damp freezin ass could now go inside the great hall.

The food was gone, but the teasing scent of barbecue remained. I was given one of those 8 9 potato chip nickel bags of Lay and a flat Pepsi. Me the arr teest of the o freakin sign. Speaker one spent 2 minutes on did yada yada, then 3 minutes buttering the buns of the next speaker. On and on, adding nauseam, up the Party food chain. Then Carl Albert The Little Giant from Bugtussle, Speaker of the House stepped to the podium and gave a hell of a fine speech, which is all I remember about it.

I was standing at the rope when Fritz walked into the hall. I was still a bit pissed, and considered jumping the line, yelling and trying to hop on his back. I wisely decided there were better paths to fame.

He also delivered a hell of a fine speech which is also all I remember about it and the event ended. I couldn get enthusiastic about the political Aardvarks that mined for ants up the woo hoo of their immediate superiors or the group thinking nature of party politics.

But the tipping point was the nickel bag of chips and that flat Pepsi.

Nicely captured memories of a youth apparently only partly misspent:P

“I couldn get enthusiastic about the political Aardvarks that mined for ants up the woo hoo of their immediate superiors or the group thinking nature of party politics”

See, that’s the thing. As long as there’s this loyalty among politicians to party first, then to lobbyists, and only then to the well being of their constituents, nothing’s going to change. I don’t give a FUCK how well the Democratic party is doing, but I’ve got this odd desire for my country to not go completely down the drain. We need genuine alternatives to the choices offered to us (Corporatist Party and Corporatist Party Lite) by our current michael kors outlet online system. That and someone to come along and throw the moneylenders lobbyists out of the temple. I’m still waiting for you to lay out the idea you mentioned a while back about how to fix this mess.

As Ralph Nader has always said, and rightly so, “There’s no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.” I would add, they’re ALL there to enrich themselves, their corporate masters, and the already disgustingly wealthy. Think of how corporate CEO salaries have escalated while wages for everyone else haven’t risen in 40 years, 28 of those years with Republican administrations. But prices have! Think of how much of this planet’s wealth is held by 2% of its population. Yeah, that’s right! Just about all of it!

Ah, but then I think of Napoleon’s brilliantly insightful comment. “Religion is the only thing keeping the poor from murdering the rich.” Organized religion was always about control, my dears, but there’s so many more poor than there are of the rich. while i’m a little young to remember t michael kors outlet online he mondale campaign, your description of a plains state rainy night political tent revival was vivid enough to bring me there. sadly, the dnc is still serving up small bags up chips and flat sodas. the rnc does the same, but with a dash of racism and hatred for seasoning. i look to neither party for salvation or frankly even decent leadership. i michael kors outlet online don’t know where that will come from.

i had, and still have, high hopes for our president. i met him when he was running for illinois state senate and believe that he is a principled, decent man. unfortunately the last one of those we had in office (mr. carter) was chewed up and spit out like steak gristle. i hope obama can avoid being completely drowned by the realities of trying to do business in washington, but it’s a steep climb, and i’m sure that he often feels like sisyphus. i continue to support him and his ideals and aspirations for this country. at this point in time, he is, in my opinion, the only beacon of hope we have. i shudder to think of the present alternatives no matter from which party or placement on the political spectrum.

i think our best bet is to support our president and hope that the country can get its head together and move toward a post party system where the people with the best ideas and the greatest capacity for service to the country are the ones who are elected into office. (and yes, i realize that is less possible th michael kors outlet online an the existence of the tooth fairy, but i also believe in having ideals, sticking by them, and working one’s way to solutions and a life that adhere to those ideals as closely as possible within the parameters of real life).