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By | August 19, 2015

A Mixed Bag Week

The ACC looked alternately strong and weak as OOC wins by FSU, VT, and NCSU were offset by Maryland, Duke, Clemson, and Wake Forest losses to OOC opponents.

Tech and UNC were the only ACC teams with a conference game this weekend. The end result is that the Jackets 1 0 conference record puts them atop the standings going into their showdown this coming weekend with the Wolfpack from up the road in Raleigh.

The Wolfpac michael kors outlet online k will come into Bobby Dodd Stadium with a 3 0 record that includes an impressive win over Cincinatti in their last outing. Looking at the stats, its obvious that NCSU dominated yards of total offense and almost 35 minutes of time of possession. A near 50/50 split between the run and pass on offense and stingy defense that only allowed the Bearcats 2.4 yards per carry on the ground.

If Tech allows Russell Wilson to use his mobility to extend plays it will be a long day.

Virginia, Maryland, and Duke should win OOC games against slight opposition. (Truth be told, I like to see Army beat Duke Tech visits Boston College in what some people might consider a meeting of the Coastal and Atlantic favorites.

Wake Forest goes to Tallahassee, a place they had recent success as FSU has slipped.

North Carolina goes to Rutgers. We know nothing about Rutgers they haven played anyone e michael kors outlet online n route to a 2 0 record.

Tech will wear jerseys that are so light gold that they should be considered light. I be willing to bet that they will not wear gold, old gold, royal blue or navy blue. They now crave light colors, in case you haven noticed. Getting them to wear old gold from when I was at Tech would be like pulling teeth. The last time they were worn was when Gailey was coach and we played Al Groh Virginia team on the national tv night game, which we won. Then going back in time, the next time these jerseys were worn was when I was at Tech, and we were 13th in the nation one year, we had an all American DT in Rock Perdoni, Bobby Dodd was the AD and we beat Georgia on natioal tv. Now Tech plays in Bobby Dodd stadium and rejects the Bobby Dodd yellow jacket the T club wore on those luxurious varsity jackets with the knit old gold trunks and off white, cream colored leather sleeves in favor of the Buzz yellow jacket. It seems like old gold luxury is offered only to the T Club, while it supposed to be one of the official colors of the institute. Also, when the first CPJ team wore it as trim color on the all white uniforms, we won all the time and went to the Chick fil A Bowl. I sure if those uniforms were worn in that game we would have won.

Regarding the jersey colors, I thought that schools had to declare before the season what their home jersey color would be if this is still the case (and I admit I do not know) then eveidently Tech told the ACC that their jersey color would be dark (either the navy or the gold), and it was stupid of the athletic department to declare a at a home game BEFORE they knew what color the other team would commit to wear. If my thought is correct re: what Tech declared as their color, then Tech HAS to ask for permission to wear the white color, and if the visiting team school does not want to wear dark shirts on a hot day, then they are perfectly within their rights. I stated on this blog why it does. My dad a Tech grad, and he said he doesn care what they wear, he just wants them to win games. But I not as blind as a bat, and I can help but see the colors of the uniforms. That last time they wore old gold for the Virginia game was a theme night for Gailey, and some of the students wore hippie afros with that crazy yellow dye. But the most important outcome for that game was that we beat Al Groh Virginia team, something that we could not figure out how to do for a very long time. Al would come out on the field to the Virginia sideline in his sweatshirt, and we could never beat him. It was the old gold that did it, and those white helmets that hav michael kors outlet online en been worn since, but were worn by the Carson teams when I was at Tech, when Eddie McAshan, our QB, was the first black football player ever at Tech. I heard a rumor that he picked the number 1 for his jersey because he was the first black to play football for Tech. McAshan was a good, tall, in the pocket QB who played one year for the Jacksonville Sharks, a pro team in a new league that never caught on. The vegas gold is such a weak color fo michael kors outlet online r the jerseys unless it accompanied by the wide vegas side stripes pants. The pale, canary gold, a faded gold look, new gold, not old gold. Yeah, just like wesleywhatwhat said, change the color to one that can be seen. Probably some coaches wife designs the uniforms before each season, and there isn anything that can be done about it. Wouldn it be something if Tech beats State by about 40 some odd points to nothing? It will be Groh vs Tenuta for the Defensive Coordinators. It gonna be a good tv game to watch on ESPN.