michael kors outlet A mixed bag from Best Coast at

By | August 19, 2015

A mixed bag from Best Coast at Birmingham’s WorkPlay music review

When surf punk quartet Best Coast hit the stage at the WorkPlay Theater, they brought the sound of their hometown with them to the venue. But the laid back, friendly California vibe was less prevalent than expected.After a quick set from opening act Lovely Bad Things, Best Coast arrived just after 9:30 and kicked off the show by speeding th michael kors outlet rough their first five songs in 13 minutes, without much more than a to be here from frontwoman Bethany Cosentino.But rather than hanging out and having a good ti michael kors outlet me, the band seemed more interested in plowing through song after song and hit michael kors outlet ting the road; it was appropriate then, that two of their first three songs were and End. the quick five song burst that opened the show, the normally personable Cosentino finally addressed the crowd. Rather than commenting on the crowd or the performance, though, she chose to talk up the venue air conditioning system.is our first time in Birmingham, said Cosentino. venue has their air conditioning on lockdown. We done a lot of shows in the South thank you WorkPlay for your air conditioning. there, the show began to pick up. The band continued with Only Place, the first single from their sophomore album of the same name, and then they slowed things down for One Like You and They Want Me To Be. followed up these slower numbers with Of My Identity, one of two new songs they played, and Deal, one of the singles from their debut album, For You. party felt like it was just getting started when, after praising the venue air conditioning a second time, Cosentino thanked the crowd before closing the proper set with And Every Day. later, the band returned to the stage for a two song encore that included their latest single, You Love Me Like You Used To, and one of the first singles from their debut album.And then, after saying her goodbyes and thanking the venue yet again for the A/C, Cosentino and her bandmates were gone. The set clocked in at just over 65 minutes.Best Coast fans probably knew that the band wouldn play as long as most headliners with multiple albums. After all, the longest song on their debut album is a mere 3:02. That just the nature of surf punk.When they made their Birmingham debut on Thursday night, they played the songs that fans wanted to hear, and they generally michael kors outlet played them well.But at the end of the night, Cosentino just seemed out of it, and the show felt rather rushed. And it hard to enjoy the party when the hosts don seem like they want to be there.