michael kors outlet A mixed bag for incumbents as

By | August 19, 2015

A mixed bag for incumbents as early election returns announced in Glendale

With the michael kors outlet vote by mail ballot returns coming in Tuesday night, it was a mixed bag for incumbents in the City Council and Glendale Unified school board races as election workers started processing the results from the precincts.

In the City Council race, incumbent A michael kors outlet ra Najarian was at No. 1 with 5,303 votes. Chahe Keuroghelian and Challengers Zarah Sinanyan rounded out t michael kors outlet he top three with 4,203 and 4,195 votes, respectively.

In the school board race, incumbent Greg Krikorian was at No. 1 with 6,559 votes, while challenger Armina Gharpetian, at 5,085, and incumbent Christine Walters, with 4,196, rounded out the top three.

Incumbent City Clerk Ardy Kassakhian established a comfortable early lead with 6,471 votes to challenger Stepha michael kors outlet nie Landregan 3,372.

Measure A which, if approved, would change the city treasurer post from an elected position to an appointment was failing by a wide margin.

Measure B, which would modernize accounting language dealing with the controversial transfer of utility revenues to the city General Fund, and Measure C which would allow Glendale to enter into private, direct negotiations with bond issuers were in tighter races.