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By | August 19, 2015

A little zoo for kids

: A little zoo for kids sometimes you just michael kors outlet need the perfect michael kors outlet ng> michael kors outlet excuse to finally start something that you wanted to do for a long time.because the animals should have a home where they can snuggle michael kors outlet together at night i made a bag for them to be stored and carried around.you can make the bag out of two different fabrics like i did, or use just one fabric. it will be reversible, so it is nice to use two different ones. i used a red and white striped one for one side and a plain dark violet one for the other, although i used the striped fabric for the inner and outer circular bottom part.it is really easy to make (if you don’t understand some part of the explanation just look at the pictures and it will become clear):make a circle template out of paper with a diameter of 21 cm. use it to cut out two circles of fabric, add 1 cm of seam allowance. cut out two rectangles as well, with a hight of 30 cm and a lenght of 66 cm.sew each of the rectangles together along the 30 cm long side, then sew one circle to each of the now tubular rectangle parts. you will now have two already like a round bag shapes pieces.pin and sew those two pieces together along the 66 cm long round open side, leaving a 5 cm long opening.through that opening, turn the bag so that the right side of the fabric is outside and that the two circular parts lie on top of each other you should have a round bag now (see picture).