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By | August 19, 2015

A Little Poison With Your Bread

Day or night, Canal Street is busy in Chinatown. Perfumes, purses, produce, pork, and poultry are all sold side by side in busy open storefronts. One entire portion of the street is dedicated to nothing but jewelry stores catering to various price ranges. Box vendors sell all manner of sizzling foodstuffs to passing pedestrians, some of it identifiable, some of it better left unexplained. The ambiance is one of business and pleasure.

Early evening sets in on the market, air cool, but not preventing people from displaying their wares for sale. Slush beneath the feet, what little snow and ice there was is melted through the generous application of salt mixed with gravel to prevent accidents. Here the various peoples of NYC mix and mingle between the various booths and open air tents who’s sides flap in the breeze. The din makes it obvious that despite the march winds, it’s going to be a busy night until curfew shuts everything down.

One such participant in the market is Minea, Gathering up some vegetables, tossing them into the bags and then down into her own bag. Days long, she has a favor to do for someone in an official and yet unofficial capacity but that can wait until tomorrow. Tonight, it’s about food, and getting back to her old flat and familiar things. She’s also for once, not dressed like some high class hooker, but back to her jeans, boots and leather jacket.

Eliot is in the market because Daniel needed him to pick something up, and wanted someone who wouldn’t get double crossed. Eliot has a way of making people like him enough to not want to shoot him, even if they were ordered to. So now he has the small package safely stowed away, and is walking down the market in a pair of slacks, a white button up, and a warm overcoat, his sunglasses firmly on his nose to keep the last bits of the sun’s glare from flashing his blue eyes from against the snow.

The market isn’t exactly the place that Danika O’Kelley would admit to walking, less so if one looked at the regal way she carries herself. It is perhaps odd to find her walking where slush falls over her high heeled boots and food it bartered for upon the streets. Odd that is until they look at the aquamarine of her eyes. For it is in them that shadows make a home and darkness rules with a golden crown of thorned evil. She walks easily from place to place, a cool creature within the cool confines of a cool winter landscape. Her eyes move from the produce to scan the people within her range of sight. A few of them cause her lips to curve upwards in some sort of humored manner.

Markets are for people who need stuff, and Victor as a young guy with an apartment who has to work odd jobs to make ends meet needs stuff. He’s already hauling two full bags of cheap groceries, having to hit the ramen and dried foods. Even when half the town is a wreck and the other half overrun with undesirables New York is an expensive place to live. The prices never go down, they just freeze in place as if that’s good enough. He’s got a red watch cap on and his breath condenses in puffs before him as he walks down the sidewalk, trying to shuffle a back into two hands so he has a free hand to pull out a list scrawled in a feminine hand. Jeans and a jacket of red polyester which is a few shades darker than the cap he wears keeping him warm against the night chill.

Minea’s pulls away from the stall she was at, nearly colliding with victor. Instead though, she collides with his bags, one of which splits it’s bottom,s pilling the contents all over the ground of the market. Woe be to the young man and his packages of ramen. ‘Shit. Sorry kid”

Eliot stops walking, his feet going /crunch/ as he steps on the pile of ramen just lying there. “Oops.” He doesn’t seem too sorry, but he does step back, offering Victor and Minea a brief smile. “Sorry, didn’t see it there.” At least he apologized, right? Hey. He’s not so bad Crunch. Crunch. The ramen is stepped on and Danika looks down at her shoes in annoyance. “Are you fucking kidding me?” The words tumble out of her lips in a sultry manner as she lifts her left foot. She tries to shake the package, which has adhered itself through to her shoe by way of the heel piercing it, “Really?” She finally gets it shaken off her boots and stares at Victor. “Look dumbfuck, if you can’t carry it all, don’t buy it.” Right, she’s supposed to be apologizing or something, right?

What else could go w michael kors outlet rong today? Vic just stops where he is, standing there while the contents of his bag roll and bounce depending on their form. And crunch. He picks up the split bag and looks at the bottom of it, as if there was any way any of it could NOT have fallen out.

Vic just stares at Minea, Eliot, and Danika in turn, somehow managing not to put any actual blame in his stare, but just He even seems impervious to Danika’s words. It’s like he’s too callused to care anymore, where he might’ve once. Shaking his head he sets down his intact bag and begins folding up the one split one to stick it in with the good one. And then he goes about seeing how much of what’s left he can fit into the one good bag. It won’t be everything. He’s wasted some money tonight, no getting around it.

‘Hey, it’s not his fault. It’s mine. Alright, so cool it” Minea speaks up with a frown for Danika and a hand up in a back off gesture. Digging into her own bags, the reusable kind, she pulls out two of them, kneeling down to help pluck up what can be slavaged from the spilled contents. ‘Just a shitty day i’m sure for him. Maybe you can help pick up the stuff that’s rolled away? Or you can keep up the Manhattan stereotype of being selfish and uncaring” up goes some salvaged ramen into the replacement bags.

They’re all standing around Victor, who’s ramen fell on the snowy sidewalk and was trampled by Eliot and Danika. Eliot, for his part, looks down at Minea and smiles. “Sure, I’ll help.” He doesn’t, but it sure sounds like he will, and it’s the intention that counts, right? His eyes glide back up to Danika, and he reaches up, pulling his sunglasses down. “Hummunah, hummunah, hum. Been a long time, darlin’.” He grins, wide.

Danika blinks at Minea as if she’s gained three heads all of a sudden. “Right. I’d love to help but you are doing such a great job and I wouldn’t want to be in the .” Her voice trails off at the sound of Eliot’s. There is a moment where the blood drains from her face and then she’s reaching out to try and take his arm. “Darling. It has seemed to be forever. Did you see what they did to my shoes?” She pouts out her lower lip and offers. “I just got the boots.”

A look is offered up just to Minea as Vic retrieves some of his errant groceries. There is a sort of dullness to the look, but he offers, “Thank you.” And just one glance is given to Danika briefly. He apparently isn’t so worried about Eliot. When you’re overshadowed by that kind of rudeness you automatically look better. “Just the stepped on stuff.” Vic says about the ramen.

“Keep the bags” Minea would says omething to Danika about then why the hell are you here but, whats the point, she’s now talking with the other guy who doens’t look like perhaps he might belong here either. There’s fifty bucks slipped into the bag with other food going into it. The unbroken ramen, cans, things that spilled, even stretching between the feet of someone nearby with a polite “pardon” offered up.

Eliot blinks at Danika’s hand on his arm and follows her with a smirk, glancing back at the two people behind him. Not like he cares. He turns to Danika and raises a brow. “I’m sure you’ll survive the ramen on your boots, babe. How’ve you been?”

Stopping next to Minea and Vic, Katherine watches the can roll between her feet. As Minea reaches for it, Kat bends over and picks it up and offers it to the wayward shopper. She chuckles to Victor, “Please tell me she didn’t do this.” indicating Min. “I can’t take her anywhere, it seems.” she teases as she stands back up straight. “Sorry I got lost back there. Trying to grab a few things.” she holds up her other hand, plastic bag hanging from it loaded with goods. “Can’t seem to pass up a good deal when I see it.”

“She did, but I’m not mad.” Vic answers Katherine with a baleful look which ends in a glance/glare at Danika, who likely doesn’t even see it. He asks Minea, “Is there a place I can drop them off at? I don’t mind returning them to you.” Which is to say he’s not in a position to turn down any offers like gifted reusable bags, but is going at least make an effort to get them back to the good samaritan.

Danika’s lower lip quivers as the petulent expression continues. Her bright blue eyes starting to shimmer with wetness as she looks at Eliot. Then a deep breath is taken. “But it wasn’t even the good ramen, it was like the top ramen that is five for a dime.” She sighs outwards to that michael kors outlet and then looks at the others gathered. “Well I suppose we should buy him new groceries then.” Her eyes flash as she smiles towards Eliot, “By we, I of course mean you and by buy him more, I mean pull out your wallet and hand him some greenbacks, Lover.” She lifts her shoulders to his inquiry. “I’ve been as I should be. How about yourself?” Her eyes move towards Minea with a feline sort of smile, hard to tell if it is friendly or cruel.

The problem with living with someone who’s more or less a pro level chef in terms of skill is their extreme pickiness in ingredients. Leland has sent Felix out to the market to pick up some obscure spices, and the Fed is limping along, gamely enough. He’s in a leather jacket, t shirt, and jeans his hair’s been shaved nearly to the scalp to accomodate the stitching and bandaging on one side of his head. Minea has his attention, once he spots her, but he doesn’t call out to her.

“Yeah yeah, it was me Katherine. I bumped into his bag, split it, but alls good, giving him some of my bags to make up for it” She wasn’t expecting the other agent. well shit. Roll with it. “Though snooty over there is whining that her boots have come in contact with something five cents” There’s a jerk of her head Danika’s way. The last can is rescued, popped into the bag and passed to Victor. “I have more, keep em. At least I didn’t bring my pink ones hmm? Bag up your second one, here” she snaps out the second bag, black and white patterend so that the other bag of groceries can be put in something more sturdier for long term and distance haulage. “Oh I think we’ve got it handled here, don’t put yourself out. michael kors outlet Like you said, it’s just top ramen, five for a dime” Felix is unseen and therefore unwaved and unacknowledged.

“You want me to pay for his food when I wasn’t even the one that made him drop it?” Eliot snorts at Danika. “Please.” He glances back at Victor and Minea and shakes his head. He knows from poor; and honestly, he’s had to go through worse. The kid will survive. “As you ‘should be’ isn’t an answer. I’m fine.” Suddenly, there’s too many people for Eliot, who might pay attention to him and the redhead he’s with. “Wanna go somewhere else to reminisce?”

A glance in the direction that the other agent is indicating sees Kat gives Danika a glance, then a second glance as she also notes Eliot there. Neither seem familiar to her though the girl is cute, she turns back to Min. “Well, if you need some extra cash to pay for the damaged groceries, I might have a few bills.” she pulls out her billfold and digs through, she offers Minea.

Danika curves her hand a bit tighter on Eliot’s arm. “Well I would be happy to catch up with an old friend. Still I should probably clear up matters with the little spitfire there.” She looks at Minea and curves her lips upwards. “I mean I’m sure it was all just a misunderstanding.” She offers her hand to help the other woman up.

Victor gives Minea a small shake of his head. He wouldn’t touch that woman’s hand if she were begging for it at this point, and based all on how she’s acted in the past few minutes. Not that he knows a single thing about her, it’s just that he’s sure he knows enough. Somehow, given the fact that attention spans are all over the place, Vic manages to put his bags in order in an expedient hurry. Like it’s the simplest thing for him just to stack and stick things where they need to be. And he gets to his feet with both bags in tow. He looks between Katherine and Minea and tells Kat, “Your friend’s really nice.”

“Agent Marks,” Felix says, finally bothering to pick his way through the crowd, “Miss Dahl.” Not that he can really be of any help, but hey, he can at least not totally ignore them. He’s clutching a scrap of paper in one hand, forgotten.

Sure, just announce it to everyone. She hears her name and turns around until her eyes fall on Felix. “Agent Ivanov.” She looks from Minea to Felix. “You two know each other?” Her attention is drawn back to Victor who has gathered up his things. She grins over to him and nods. “Well, she’s pretty swell, if you ask me. It’s why I keep her around.” In reality, she doesn’t know Agent Dahl all that well, met only a couple of occasions. She keeps up appearances, so as not to draw too much attention, though that may all change here shortly.

Minea’s spurning the hand offered by Danika, she’s able to get up on her own actually from her crouching position with ease. “I’m sure, but thank you michael kors outlet , I can manage on my own” Little spitfire, heh. Jsut like that Minea’s moving away from the redhead, gather her own bags back up. “Not nice, just doing what shoudl be done, since I caused the accident in the first place” Danika and Eliot are unacknowledged now, a glance to Felix is favored. “Yeah, Agent Ivanov and I go back a few months. We worked a case with each other. He’s okay” Giving the fed clearance to the other company agent before she looks down to Victor. “You okay there? Do you need a taxi anywhere? Names minea” She fishes in her pocket for a business card, producing one for the speedster.

Did she say ‘Agent’ something? Eliot furrows his brow and grabs Danika by the wrist, pulling her away without saying good bye to anyone else. He doesn’t need to be asked questions, after all. “Come on then, let’s catch up.”