michael kors australia A Return to Burlesque Roots

By | August 19, 2015

A Return to Burlesque Roots

Bathtub burlesque dancing! Missing boob pads! An abundance of catty comments! This is why we watch Pussycat Dolls. A recap:

Mikey bugged Melissa R. about not wearing her boob pads to dance practice. Wait, she has to wear them to practice? Then Mikey told us that having bigger boobs would make him feel more feminine you know, if he had them at all. Oh, Mikey. you’re so endlessly quotable. What do you think of Mikey?

This scene led us to the Melissa R. confessional she’s so worried about what her parents think. She just wants them to be proud! But things are getting kind of sexy, and now she’s worried. Melissa R., we love you, but you’re just figuring out NOW that this is a group about sex? What tipped you off: the garters, the thigh high boots, or the pole dancing you learned at practice? Melissa R. is definitely one of the best of the bunch, but sometimes her innocence makes her seem even younger than 18.

The girls were told that only four out of the five remaining finalists would get a chance to perform with the real Pussycat Dolls on stage. Last minute, Robin decided that NEITHER Chelsea nor Anastacia would perform. That left the two Melissas and Asia to hit the stage with the PCDs while Chels and Anastacia hung out in the bus (in an edit that made Chelsea look like the girl that won’t. shut. up.). What’d you think of the decision to leave those two out?

Melissa S. let some passive aggressive comments slip about Chelsea’s comparative lack of talent, effectively pissing Chelsea off (and rightfully so!) and stirring up a little drama. Chelsea, already pissed that she didn’t get to perform with the group, jumped on that and called Melissa S. out on it. Melissa S. is totally annoying us. Once again she’s in the bottom two, yet she feels the need to rip on Chelsea? We say dancing can be taught (and Chelsea is proving that every week), but a gorgeous voice is something you’re born with. And Melissa S., no matter HOW hard she practices, is never going to sing like Chelsea. We bet she’s gone next week. Whose side are you on?

After the PCD performance, it was time for a return to the burlesque roots of the Pussycat Dolls. Robin worked with the girls on steamy classics like “Fever” and “Big Spender.” Somehow, Chelsea spent most of her time on a swing, much to the annoyance of michael kors australia Melissa S. Whatever, Melissa S. You were in a bathtub half the time, and you totally dropped your mike during performance. We’re over your catty comments!

At the performance, Asia’s facial expressions got the judges on her side, but Ron wasn’t a fan of her vibrato and off key singing (of course, Ron never has much good to say about any of the girls). Everyone loved Melissa R., and she was safe anyway. Chelsea’s phenomenal singing once again helped her to sail through. Bottom two? Anastacia and Melissa S.

Well, was it even a question? If you end up in the bottom two with Melissa S., it means you’re going home. The girl’s untouchable somehow. We feel like Robin gets a kick out of scaring her into better performances. So it didn’t surprise us too much when Anastacia, with her Shakira esque mane and plates o’ cauliflower and broccoli, was sent home. Will you miss Anastacia?

Other random thoughts from the night:

What must have been running through Mark McGrath’s mind when he narrated the lead in to the Caress Beauty and the Beast fairytale? Is the estrogen suffocating him yet? And then, what’s this? There’s Addison from Grey’s Anatomy (Kate Walsh) narrating the fairytale. Okay, she’s awesome, but it was still a little weird to see her popping up in the “Beast’s” mansion. It was a Dancing With the Stars spoof inside a Caress commercial inside a Pussycat Dolls episode. our heads are now spinning. Too much thought given to a commercial! Moving on.

So it’s down to the final four. Who’s your pick to win it all? Who do you want to go home next week? Tell us what you think!

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Why does everyone hates Asia just because when she holds the mic it tooks like she is playing a fulut? GROW UP Peoples!!! ( Go Asia!!!!!You know you are the very best.) I did not think Brittany should be the first one elmited. Chelsea should not win because she is the very best singer, but it is the final she has to learn how to dance or else she will be the next one elmited. She mostly has 10% of wining. Sorry girl but you have to learn how to dance. You just need one more thing and then you have what it takes to be the next PUSSYCAT DOLLS. LEARN learn learn Chelea!! You know you can do it. y e a hhhhh

For those of you who keep up with this forum YOU KNOW I WANT Melissa Reyes to win. HOWEVER regardless of who wins. I will still remain a fan of the dolls.

How can you call yourself a fan of the Pussycat Dolls when you’re quick to flip the script just because the female you’re rootin’ for gets cut?!

I think you’re stupid if you say you’ll no longer listen to or be a fan if Chelsea doesnt win! Stupid! You know who you are!

What the PCD’s need is someone who is at their level and who is up to par with their flow, their style and dance.

ASIA: She’s irritating and she has an annoying lisp. She has an attitude and would fricken irritate the dolls. She is not very intelligent. anyone can tell by the moment she opens her mouth! C’mon now! Besides. she keeps bringing up the fact that she has a daughter blah blah this blah blah that! She wants some sort of sympathy? QUIT ACTING LIKE A VICTIM ASIA! GROW UP!

Chelsea: She can be sweet at times but like I said before. I strongly believe she is faking the funk. (And she too acts as if she is a victim at times.) There have been numerous occations where she made awful comments just as bad as Melissa S. Not to mention the time when she was eating with Anastasia and made that RUDE comment. Besides. Chelsea JUST DOESNT FIT! I don’t care what you Chelsea Fans say. she just doesnt fit as a doll. She has a nice voice I give her that and She should definitely go solo. Chels is NOT PCD material. She just isnt up to par. I know she is trying but the dolls can’t wait for that time for her to get, “it.” GO SOLO!

She is young and will bring a whole new crowd, age of fans. however you want to put it She will absolutely complete the PCD’s She has always brought it ABOVE and BEYOND during performance and practice at that!

She has her own style, that fits perfectly with the dolls, a nice voice and is definitely the best dancer of the three remaining contestants. Like I said before there is class and there’s beauty. THEN there is the rare combo of the two as seen in MELISSA REYES. (I’m sure the pussycat dolls want her as their, “new” baby sister So to speak.) hugs