michael kors australia A Retrofit Air Bag Is Introduc

By | August 19, 2015

A Retrofit Air Bag Is Introduced The Bag Is Designed For Cars That Don’t Already Have One

By Galina Espinoza, INQUIRER CORRESPONDENTPosted: October 15, 1993

CINNAMINSON It was not a world premiere of the usual sort at Auto Sun Roof Inc. yesterday. There were no movie stars, no glittery jewels and no limousines.

“Before, if a particular model wasn’t equipped with an air bag, there was nothing yo michael kors australia u could do,” said Rick Jones, president of Auto Sun Roof Inc. ”There has never been an air bag available other than the ones only a manufacturer could put in.”

Because air bags did not become prevalent until about three years ago, many vehicles on the road are not equipped with the safety feature, which will become standard in 1997.

But thanks to the retrofit air bag, thought to be the first of its kind, owners of many of the most popular cars on the road including the Chevrolet Celebrity, Jeep Cherokee and Ford Explorer can be fitted with an air bag. The air bag will be available for 40 car models produced between 1987 and 1994, with an estimated market of 41 million vehicles, Jones said.

It will be offered at michael kors australia a suggested retail price of $895, beginning Nov. 1.

“There is a need for this product because it is a proven fact that air bags are an additional lifesaving device,” Jones said.

Industry researchers agree. According to studies done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Virginia, the driver death rate in accidents with cars equipped with seat belts is 1.15 per 10,000 cars. In cars with seat belts and air bags, the driver death rate drops 16 percent, to 0.96 per 10,000 cars.

Tim Hurd, a spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said he was familiar with the retrofit air bag and noted that, if used with a seat belt, it would give a driver greater protection in an accident.

“The bottom line is that you are safer with an air bag than without one, so this particular bag would add to the safety of the car,” Hurd said.

Both auto manufacturers and Congress have taken notice of these claims. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 91 percent of all 1994 passenger cars already are equipped with driver’s side air bags, while 63 percent have ai michael kors australia r bags for both drivers and front seat passengers.

That number will soon move to 100 percent. Under legislation passed in

December 1991, all new passenger cars sold in the United States are required to have both driver and passenger side air bags by 1997. That means all 1998 model year cars will be equipped.

But there are no provisions for existing vehicles. So, for owners of older car models, the retrofit air bag, which is being marketed by Applied Safety Inc. of Ventnor, provides an alternative.

The air bag was premiered at Auto Sun Roof Inc., Jones said, because the company is well known by car dealers in the tri state area and has been chosen as the pri michael kors australia mary retrofit air bag installer in the region.

“People are becoming so much more safety conscious and advertisers are always touting that their cars come with air bags,” Jones said. “This gives drivers another option.”