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By | August 19, 2015

A report on my 1st time with one bag

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Just returned 3 days ago from a 4 day trip to Maui. Returning, they were pro michael kors australia bably 25 lb total due to all michael kors australia of the stuff that I bought while I was there. I was able to get on an earlier inter island flight than my scheduled one. This was BECAUSE I didn have any checked luggage. So I arrived in Maui an hour before I had planned to. NICE! Even though my air ticket did allow me to check 2 bags for no extra charge, it gave me a lot of peace of mind knowing that all my stuff was with me. did NOT have to deal with lost luggage, luggage that you never see again, or damaged luggage. did NOT have to wait at baggage claim (which is slow on Maui even slower in PHX at 1:00am) for my bag

Steph,If you can afford to wait for your puchases, consider the USPS priority mail flat rate shipping boxes. I used them on sevearl occasions one bagging. Either shipping back gear, or shipping back Christmas presents. Sometimes the boxes beat me back!I spent $8 for stuff from Hawaii, $17 on a big box at Christmas (far less than the $40 UPS wanted). Last year I spent $40 to ship a reasonably large box back from France (La Poste also has flat rate boxes). Flat rate is the way to go so simple to use. Every traveler and every trip is different, we don all travel light for the same reasons, and we don all have the same travel gear budgets. But at least we all travel light. So congrats, Steph, glad you liked traveling with one bag!

Can somebody please send me the link for the TB Black Hole bag? This must be a members only special, I can see it on their site. 😀 Finally, TB comes up with an interesting product and I can buy it. Darn!As a child I loved a certain comic book called “Sport Billy”. Sport Billy was a kid who obviously loved sports and had all kinds of equipment from a soccer ball to an ultra light airplane. Unfortunately, during the move, the patterns used for the Black Hole bag seemed to disappear into their own Black Hole. Therefore, the bag will no longer be offered. And Carrie is right. One bagging is not a competition to see who can pack the least or the lightest. One bagging is a mind set of traveling with one carry on sized bag. (Personal item optional.)We all have our own requirements of what we need for travel. There is no “best way” for everyone. It completely individual. (I get really irked when I read “the best way is.”because it not. We should all share our own tips and experiences. Therefore newcomers, as well as seasoned one baggers might get new ideas to help travel better.

I appreciate everybody input. Your mileage may vary, of course. I really like the bag that I used and don plan to change anytime soon. I could have ditched a shirt. I could have ditched a pair of pants, too, and stuck with the work pants that I wore on the plane. Any other time of year and I would have worn flip flops and brought no other shoes with me, but I had to pack the flip flops wear my michael kors australia regular shoes on the plane. I also brought a hardback book with me, with intentions to read while I was there. But who am I kidding? serious reading never happens in h michael kors australia awaii. What was I thinking? Hahaha!A couple of items I didn use, but I not going to ditch them from my bag despite that. And I forgot the Surfing Goat Dairy goat cheese in the fridge of where we were staying. Then I could take the “kitchen sink” without feeling that I taking too much. And not have to worry about shipping it home. Steph I empathize with you and your descriptions and adventures. Brings back memories! The OneBagOneWOrld community is a wonderful source of advice, help, suggestions, and camaraderie.

Steph, congrats again on a great trip and for packing so successfully. I like a concept from the Appalachian Trail : your own hike (HYOY)”. Everybody is free to choose whatever mode of travel, packing etc suits their own individual style/needs/preferences/trip itinerary. HYOH!