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By | August 19, 2015

A Reason To Be Thankful

The typical complaint about Thanksgiving is that your stomach is so full it’s about to explode, but what a lot of people don’t think about on this gluttonous occasion are those that don’t have the satisfaction of rubbing their belly and taking food coma naps at the end of the day.

The members of the Auburn University sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi have come up with a way to help those wit michael kors australia h a money crunch this season. The chapter hopes to guarantee four families the groceries needed for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Junior member, Alice Caldwell, is the vice president of chapter development for the sorority and is organizing this mission.

“One of my sisters approached me with the idea and I thought it was a great way to remind everyone h michael kors aust michael kors australia ralia ow important it is to give back to others,” Caldwell said.

At the past two chapters, members of the sorority have been bringing in money that Caldwell and other chapter officers will use to buy gro michael kors australia cery items. The ultimate goal for the chapter is to raise $100 per family so that all the traditional foods can be on their tables on Thanksgiving. Any left over money will go toward grocery gift cards for any other items the families may need.

“We want to raise enough to get them everything from the turkey to the cranberries,” Caldwell said.

Lindsey Robinson, the member that approached Caldwell with this idea, asked her pastor at a local church if he knew of any families that needed extra help this Thanksgiving. Robinson’s pastor told her that he knew of four families in particular that could use some help, but kept the names of the families anonymous.

“We’re going to deliver the bags of groceries to the church and let the pastor deliver them to the families,” Caldwell said.

The chapter set their deadline for raising money to November 17, but local churches in the area are always open to ideas that help members of their congregation, especially during the holidays.