michael kors australia a Real Estate Investor When

By | August 19, 2015

a Real Estate Investor When

When your prospective tenant michael kors australia warns you that they think they have bad credit and after running their report you call them to see if they want to be a credit partner.

Your garage is full of used but working appliances.

You carry a flashlight, camera, and tape measure in your briefcase. Bonus points for coveralls and kneepads in the trunk.

You can drive into a new area without thinking about values and rents.

You can spot a vacant house from two blocks away.

You have business cards of 114 painters and 345 carpet guys.

You yourself have 4 different business cards!

You spend more times reading forums than you do watching TV.

Your stories include tales of michael kors australia clouds of fleas hovering about 8 above the carpet (this really happened to me in Houston) and of walking in on tenants/sellers or squatters in delicto (this too!).

When you talk about mortgages you mean the in kind, not the out kind.

Your tenants/tenant buyers all have nicer; cars, TVs, stereos, (I guess now we can add; iPods, PDAs and cell phones) than you do.

Your tax return is a thicker than any paper you ever wrote in HS or college.

You been asking your local Home Depot manager why they don sell fishing, camping and skiing gear, and groceries.

Your vehicles are full of tools, ha michael kors australia rdware, and fast food bags.

Your idea of a great weekend involves looking at houses, showing houses, and fixing houses.

You hate permits and nosy neighbors reporting on your renovations to the city.

You always try to take a different route to see a part of the town you have never seen before.

You see a Rent sign and wonder how much they are charging.

Bonus points if you pull out your cell phone and michael kors australia call the number immediately to find out.

When you in a large city you look at the apartment buildings and try to guesstimate how many doors there are and what the market value would be for that building.

When you send your parent to look at a house for you because you are looking at other houses.

You have access to Title search accounts when you not a broker, real estate agent, or loan officer.

Your husband travels out of town, and he knows that a gift of the local real estate magazines from the gas station will make you happy.

You go to a Borough council meeting and they mention a corner property has an erosion issue that is washing out on to the street and everyone in the room is mad about it. Suddenly it jumps onto your list of to buy wife falls in love with a new house for you to live with her in and you immediately don like it because it not a foreclosure/REO or other deeply discounted property.