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By | August 19, 2015

A Rat in a Bag

In __Maus one of the most important chapters is chapter four “The Noose Tightens”. The reason why its one of the most important chapters because this chapter shows. The hardships they faced, the effect of the rule, and the emotional effect.__ First I’ll show the hardships.

One of the many hardships shown in this chapter is the lack of supplies. As shown when the family is sitting down to eat and this is the conversation they have. “Ah, Grandmother Your stew is even tastier than than I remebered.” Said Vladek, Anja’s grandmother repiled with “No its not like before the war, Vladek I can’t get the foods I need.”(75) They then proceed to talk about what little they had. “Each of us gets coupons for 8 ounces of bread a day, and a tiny bit of margarine, sugar and jam per week. That’s all.”(75) With what little they get to feed around nine people. With these conditio michael kors australia ns do you see yourself survivving. Keeping yourself from complaining out of fear of being killed by the nazis. But for Vladek and family they were better of then most so with being together they are able to get through. But there were ways to slide.

One way was through favors. Due to the Nazi regime walking around with out papers became very dangerous. Sometimes even with papers you could be killed. But Vladek played it smart. While walking down the street he meets a friend of his whois still in busniess. Mr. Ilzecki says “Well if you get any cloth, come see me this note will get you past the doorman.”(77) So Vladeck went to a cloth store where the previous owner owed Vladek money. The owner was lucky to still have job due to all jobs and business being given to the Germans. So this is how it plays out. Vladeck says “Then advance me a few yards of material without coupons. Okay hide this under your clothes.” Said the clerk.(77) Vladek then proceeded to sell the cloth back earning what money he can for michael kors australia the family. This shows an econimical effect from the rule with the jews out of work they had other things to attend to.

Another Effect they had was they would kill the jews or capture them . As shown “One time I was going to see Ilzecki. This was very late in 1941. His h michael kors australia ouse was near the train station And it was going on there something terrible. I had to pass near and they were grabbing Jews, if they had paers or no!”(80) This shows that even with what little protection he had it was not enough the Nazis did not caare and would have captured on site. Do you see yourself going through this and coming out alive?

With the supressive force of the Nazis they had very little to live for. With people being captured left and right and others were dying of starvation. Some were killed trying to help others by effecting a black market form of trade some were the very ones Vladek traded with. This is what happened. ” The next day I walked over the Mordzejowska street and I saw them. They hanged there one full week.”(83). Again the people hunged could have been Vladek because he bought for them. He even says this. “ACH. When michael kors australia I think now of them it still makes me cry look even from my dead eye tears are coming out!.(84) This shows what a hard and scary time they had faced during WW2.

This shows a major turning point in the book. It began with Vladek telling a tale of his wedding and his business then it leads to him basiclly living in fear with his family with out Knowing what is going to happen next. Could you reading this imagine what its like to have to suffer like this and that it still happens in the world.