michael kors australia A rash of burglaries brings a

By | August 19, 2015

A rash of burglaries brings a Montebello neighborhood together

MONTEBELLO A string of burglaries has residents in a neighborhood on the northern edge of the city coming together to stop people from breaking into their homes. After weathering a year of break ins, neighbors daily use their own cars to patrol the tracts just north of the 60 Freeway, said Vivian Romero, who leads a neighborhood watch program in the area. “A couple of us just start michael kors australia ed to round up all the neighbors, and we all pulled together,” Romero said. “These thieves were really bold people. They went straight through the front door. It started becoming way too frequent. They were comfortable here.” During the last year, thieves broke into or tried to break into nearly every home on her street, Romero said. Burglars took watches, televisions, computers and cash, she said. Romero posted signs all over her neighborhood, and a neighborhood watch meeting in the fall was attended by more than 300 people. “These scum bags are burglarizing our neighborhood,” the signs read. “They are comfortable on our streets michael kors australia and may even live nearby. Keep your eyes and ears open doors and windows locked!” The neighborhood, developed in 1966, is full of large, 1,800 square foot, two story homes with clean driveways and mowed lawns. Many new families have moved to the area the last few years, Romero said. “We’ve got a real mixed bag here, Latinos, Chinese, some German families, and I think that, before we all came together over this, there was a communication breakdown,” Romero said. The break ins were almost certainly committed by gang members from Los Angeles, according to police. “We got kind of what everybody is getting, which is gangs fro michael kors australia m South Los Angeles targeting a certain neighborhood,” said Lt. Michael Bergman of the Montebello Police Department. “They’re called flocking crews. I’m not sure how they got that name, but that’s what they’re called.” Usually, a team of about two to three take turns breaking into homes and playing lookout. If they knock on the front door and no one answers, they either break in the front or go around back and find a way into the house, Bergman said. Police arrested at least two members of the gang, Bergman said. Romero believes most of the thieves are still on the loose. They also seemed to have moved on to other neighborhoods, she said. This month a pair of adults who grew up in the neighborhood were also arrested for a break in, Romero said. “First we have these gang members from far awa michael kors australia y, now we have these people from our own neighborhood,” Romero said. “It’s sad.