michael kors australia a rare consequence of inapprop

By | August 19, 2015

a rare consequence of inappropriate use of condom as external urinary collection receptacle

A 21 year old man had overflow incontinence due to cauda equina syndrome. He applied condom as a urine receptacle without

any medical consultation to prevent wetness. The condom was fastened to the penile shaft with two rubber bands (figure 1) and was periodically emptied. He used this system for about 18months and presented to us with changes in the part of penis

that was within the condom sheath resembling ‘elephantiasis’. The glans was normal (figure 2B). Skin michael kors australia changes included widespread h michael kors austra michael kors australia lia ypopigmentation and a single ulcer (figure 2A). Suprapubic catheterisation was performed and the patient was advised to apply compressive dressing with glycerine, antibiotic

and anti inflammatory agents. He did not report for follow up.

Complications due to improper condom catheter usage range from ulceration and necrosis to more severe urethr michael kors australia ocutaneous fistulae

and urethral diverticulum.1 3 Generalised penile oedema is a well recognised complication but penile elephantiasis following use of condom as a urinary

must be warned about this complication, if found using condom as a urinary collection device and be advised safer clean intermittent.