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By | August 19, 2015

A Pause With Found Money Earns Man A Sentence

Full time Job Or Not, He Gets 3 To 6 Years In State Prison Victor Bryant Pleaded Guilty To Drug Charges. He Was Sentenced After He Spoke Of His Lack Of Employment.

“I was going to give it back,” Triboletti told police when he opened his apartment door that night.

He repeated that in Bucks County Court on Monday after pleading guilty to receiving stolen property and theft of property that has been lost or mislaid. Judge Isaac S. Garb sentenced him to three years’ probation.

Triboletti, a general manager for the Danboro based Lisbon Contractors, acknowledged in court that the money was in five sealed vinyl bank bags that were stashed in one paper bag. And he said that when he saw 7 Eleven’s name and store address on the bank deposit bags in addition to the CoreStates Bank logo he called his company’s corporate counsel. Triboletti said the attorney told him to keep the money overnight and then return it the next day.

Garb looked skeptical.

“All those bills started going around in your head,” Garb said. “Anybody in his right mind and right thinking would have at least called the police. If counsel gave you that advice, it was bad advice.”

Later, in a phone interview, Anthony Noce, attorney for Lisbon Contractors, said, “I don’t know anything about the case.” However, Noce confirmed that Triboletti was employed there. Feb. 22, and planned t michael kors australia o head to the bank to deposit the cash and checks. But when he got to his car, parked in the store’s parking lot, his locks were frozen.

Weigand told police that he put the paper bag on top of his car as he struggled with the door’s locks. A few minutes later, Weigand managed to pry open his door and took off, with the paper bag and all the money still on top of his car.

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Weigand pulled out onto Street Road and within seconds, he later told police, realized he left the money on the car roof. He went back to the store, but the bag was gon michael kors australia e.

But Weigand remembered that while he was struggling with his lock, a regular customer his clerks knew as Ralph was sitting in his 1992 Cadillac Eldorado in the parking lot. Weigand also told police that he saw Ralph watching him when he returned to the parking lot, frantically looking for his lost cash. And Weigand told police that he later saw what he believed to be Ralph’s Cadillac parked behind the Meadowood Apartments, just down the street.

In court, Triboletti contended that he found the paper bag on Street Road and that he did not know to whom the money belonged at first, even though the store and bank’s addresses were clearly visible on the five vinyl bags. And Triboletti said that once he realized to whom the cash belonged, he feared he’d be held responsible if some of the money was lost before he found it.

“That’s incredible,” prosecutor Andrea Hudak said later about Triboletti’s explanation.

ESCAPE. When Robert Imhoff fled from a work detail in Philadelphia on April 22, he was just 13 months into a 29 to 59 month county prison term in the Bucks County Correctional Facility on a theft conviction.