michael kors australia a pattern for a knit shopping

By | August 19, 2015

a pattern for a knit shopping bag

My daughter cut plastic bags into strips and used those as the “yarn” for a basic knitted shopping bag. She used large needles in the round so she had no seams except on the bottom. She also made a handle from the same materials/technique that she stitched onto the bag. Colorful, recycled ma michael kors australia terials, crafty and GREEN. Makes this boomer mom proud . here’s a link to her blog with info on how to and the pattern used. You should check out Pursenalities: 20 Great Knitted And Felted Bags by Eva Wiechmann. I’m not sure if there is a sh michael kors australia opping bag pattern in that book but I do know there is at least one pattern which could be modified to a larger size. It’s the hobo bag in the beginning of the book. I’ve made this purse and it is done in the round so it is fairly easy and I doubt it would be difficult to do in a larger size.

I do have filed away in my michael kors australia pattern folder a market bag pattern which I found online. I’ve not made this bag but it doesn’t look difficult. It is a free pattern from How Stuff Works

The large and small felted market

bags are versatile and attractive.

I’ve seen other shopping bag patterns that are fish net or open and I really don’t think that is the greatest idea. You want something which will hold up and a felting pattern will help you achieve that. If you have a go michael kors australia od yarn store in your area you might want to stop in there since they might have some great ideas for you.