michael kors A little on the expensive side

By | August 19, 2015

A little on the expensive side

Incase Design Corps sells a range of products to protect and charge Apple’s laptop, iPad, iPhone, or iPod. The company’s Sling Sleeve is a computer bag that is specifically designed to hold either the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air and is available for 11 inch, 13 inch, and 15 inch case configurations. Unlike many of Incase’s other products, which are offered in various color combinations, their Sling Sleeve is currently only available in black, textured nylon. The aforementioned exterior material is purported to make this case weather resistant.

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According to the packagi michael kors michael kors ng, the Sling Sleeve michael kors 13 inch ($59.95) houses either the Aluminum Unibody MacBook Pro 13 inch, Aluminum MacBook 13 inch michael kors , White Unibody MacBook 13 inch, or MacBook Air 13 inch. Yet, the lean design also means that the Sling Sleeve cannot suffice for a full briefcase, since it will not fit any bulky items.

Of note, the area surrounding the computer is lined with a plush, gray, faux fur and provides a generous amount of cushioning (7mm). Moreover, the large padded area (29cm in length by 6cm in width) of the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap makes this case easy to carry. However, the handles, which are constructed of thicker nylon lack any padding, thus, making them difficult to hold for any long duration. In fact, the petite size of this case allows it to be x rayed by airport security without having to remove the computer from the sleeve. Nonetheless, the novel nature of being specifically designed for Apple laptops cannot fully counter the bag’s limitations in lack of alternate colors as well as the high cost.