michael kors A list of sports words and phr

By | August 19, 2015

A list of sports words and phrases Mainers love to use

A few weeks ago I read the BDN story about the just released Dictionary of American Regional English. The University of Wisconsin researchers interviewed folks from 1,000 communities, collecting colorful and varied words used in Americans’ everyday life, trying to show many of the words differ according to region.

Since all of this research was done between 1965 and 1970, I have to confess, my first thought

And then Saturday morning, I read the follow up story with readers sending in their special Maine words and phrases. So I thought it was only appropriate to put my Maine “sports words” list together. I’ll betcha you have heard, or used, one the following.

Huck and Chuck I watched a lot of high school basketball players “huck it” at the Bangor Auditorium during tourney week. In fact, for some players shooting behind the 3 point arc takes quite a huck! And as we get ready for the baseball/softball season, I know there are some players that can really “chuck it”. Hey, every coach would love to have someone “chuck” like Justin Verlander.

5 Apiece That was the score of the Red Sox the other day when I tuned in. Tied “5 apiece”.

Fair to Middlin As a reporter, I have to ask coaches how they think their team will be this year. Most of the time coache michael kors s do not want to oversell or undersell their team. In other words, they think their team will be “fair to middlin”.

Supposably Too bad for Jacoby Ellsbury. That shoulder injury is going to keep him on the DL for at least 6 8 weeks, “supposably”.

Down Cellar I’ve never had one, but I know some folks have a batting cage “down cellar”.

Dubah Perhaps it was because we didn’t have a batting michael kors cage “down cellar” that I would often be called a “dubah” in my youth. I can hear it know, ” what a dubah that duffah is”!

Slow As Molasses Runnin Uphill in January Sox first baseman Andrian Gonzalez can really hit. No doubt about it. But man, when he runs he’s “slow as molasses”.

Massive Ever seen those muscles on Albert Pujols? “wicked massive”.

Pock a book How many times have you gone to a game, get in the concession line, and then realize you forgot your “pock a book”. I hate when that happens.

So Don’t I You think the Boston Bruins will repeat as Stanley Cup champs? ‘So don’t I”.

No suh You think the Boston Celtics will win the NB michael kors A championship? “No suh”.

Numma Than a Pounded Thumb This describes the New Orleans Saints coaching staff. If you thought you could get away with a bounty system while commissioner Roger Goodell is around you are “numma than a pounded thumb”.

Chummy Zdeno Chara. I always want this guy on my team, “chummy”.

Finest Kind The majority of sports fans in Maine. “Finest Kind”. Ayuh!

you hear about the Ohio high school softball pitcher(Erin Gabriel). She struck out 34 batters in a 16 inning 2 1 win. Now that’s “chuckin it”!

I close my eyes and I see the Red Sox outfield of Carl Crawford Jacoby Ellsbury Ryan Kalish, left to right. I open my eyes and see Darnell MacDonald Jason Repko Cody Ross. I am reminded at this Boston Marathon time that the baseball season is indeed a marathon, not a sprint!

Saturday’s Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race will not be the same without Lew Gilman around. The idea Lew and Sonny Colburn had 46 years ago has changed springtime in Maine forever.

Yankees didn’t want to wear throwback uniforms for Friday’s 100th Fenway game. Gimme a break.

The Bruins first two playoff games with Washington is a reminder the road to Lord Stanley’s Cup is long and winding. Think back to just 12 months ago.

Good for Biddeford’s Bria michael kors n Dumoulin. The BC defenseman wins two national titles in three years and turns pro after his junior year with a $270,000 signing bonus. Wouldn’t you?

Turns out Celtics coach Doc Rivers knew exactly what he was doing when he publicly called out his team for poor effort a few games ago. Another classic case of the coach knows best of what makes his/her team click.

As we start a new high school baseball season, I wonder this. When will we have another Mark Rogers? When will we ever see a Maine high school kid picked No. 5 by a major league team? That’s the No. 5 kid in the entire nation.