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By | August 19, 2015

A List of Permitted Items on Luggage

At the time of publication, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) maintains a list of items that are permitted in carry on and checked luggage when traveling by air. These rules are designed to prevent a potentially unsafe and harmful situation while giving travelers certain conveniences. Some items are not allowed in carry on luggage but are permitted in checked baggage. All carry on items are subjected to airport screening in order to ensure compliance. Special items such as wine, food and beverages and prescription medications are permitted under specific circumstances.

Toiletries are permitted in carry on luggage as long as they all fit into a 1 quart sized clear plastic bag and are each 3.4 ounces or less. One bag per traveler is allowed and must be examined at the airport’s security checkpoint. Permitted toiletry items include aerosols, liquids and gels. Scissors are allowed as long as they have metal tips and the blades are no longer than 4 inches. Tools, screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers less than 7 inches, lighters without fuel, and small compressed gas cartridges are allowed in carry on luggage.

Certain sharp objects are permitted in checked luggage. They include box cutters, ice axes and picks, knifes, razor blades, sab michael kors ers and scissors. Larger objects such as swords, baseball bats and other related sporting goods are also permitted.

In terms of firearms, gun ammunition, BB guns, compressed air guns, unloaded firearms, unloaded flare guns, gun lighters, unloaded starter pistols, gun parts and pellet guns are permitted when stored in checked bags. Passengers wishing to travel with hammers and other related tools, mace and pepper spray, martial arts weapons, and small compressed gas cartridges must place them in checked luggage. Gel candles, gel shoe inserts, non flammable gels, liquids and aerosols and snow globe decorations are allowed in checked bags.

Certain items such as prescription medications are subject to a separate set of regulations. For example, prescription medications need to be declared at the security checkpoint if they exceed the 3.4 ounce carry on limitation requirement. There must be a valid medical reason in order for the items to not be checked. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in checked luggage only if their alcohol content is between 24 and 70 percent. It is best to consult the TSA for their full list of regulations for special items as they may change periodically.

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