michael kors A List of Basic Guestroom Supp

By | August 19, 2015

A List of Basic Guestroom Supplies in a Hotel Guestroom

Hotels usually have a michael kors hospitality tray, where you will find an ice bucket and a coffee or tea maker with the supplies needed to make and serve enough of the beverage once per day for each of the guests in the room. This may be coffee, tea, condiment packets that include creamer and sugar and sometimes powdered cocoa.

On or in the nightstand in hotel guest rooms, guests will usually find an alarm clock and a michael kors Bible. Items found on the desk usually include a pen, note pad, hotel directory, local maps, guidebooks and a tel michael kors ephone book. The maps provided usually focus on the area around the hotel.

Hotel bathrooms contain enough towels for the number of guests in the room for one to two days, toilet paper, facial tissue and basic bath supplies (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body soap and facial soap). Dental hygiene kits and shaving kits may be available upon r michael kors equest from the hotel concierge or housekeeping.