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By | August 19, 2015

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Originally for mother day I wanted to do something special for both my nana and mom. My plan was to have somebody in my family to bake her an Angel Food cake and make my mom homemade bath bombs since she loves taking baths the most. Well, last week when my mom went and did my grandparents errands she came back and nana was still struggling to do with her elbow being hurt and unable to move it around and so I had the joy of helping her get things out of the plastic bags and one of the things in the last bags was a whole already made Angel Food cake. I was crushed but I never told my mom that I wanted her to do the cake. So technically, it was my own fault for not saying anything about it, but still it was just like. now what do I do? My mom HATES when my sister and I get her gifts, Mother Day, Birthdays, and Christmas are difficult because she just doesn want anything. Funny thing is, dad the same way but he easily pleased. When nana hurt her arm, I knew the bath bombs idea was a no go so just TWO days ago. I messaged my sister on Twitter about what we were going to get her. I had suggested that we get strawberry cake mix because that one of her favorites and then when they went out yesterday it was like 2 3pm and my sister had to be at work at like 5pm. After work she came home and told me that she was planning on going to the store with her friend of whom she was spending the night with or was supposed to at least. I got a text message from whatever time she got home. I was asleep (thank you God!) and it said that she got her a bunch of roses and a cat card. It fit her well!When Blondie came home at two o in the morning, she was trying not to wake anybody up but she wanted to present it nicely and she went into the kitchen to look for something to put the roses in. She sneak liked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup and went back into her room and had to leave her room once more to grab the scissors from the living room. According to her, she cut the packaging that they were in and the food stuff that was in there had dropped onto her bed. She said she sat in her room wondering about her life because that would happen to her and her bed. She put the roses in the cup of water and gathered the food and dirt and put them in the cup as well. Then tried to put the cup on the kitchen counter but she said it looked like the cup was about to tip over and I don know what happened after that. When we were getting ready to go over to nana this morning, I saw them on the table over by the couch and then there was a balloon on the opposite of the room, from my dad. We all know that she doesn like surprises and I totally forgot to tell dad that I was in on Blondie present so when he gave her his present, he signed from the two of us. I didn know he was going to get her something too. I kind of figured a balloon and a card. Nope. He got her a balloon and a little rose bush since he basically he killed hers last year. That commercial that we been seeing on TV that says something like over flowers, get her something more. We never heard a compliant from her or nana, so that not exactly true!When we were getting ready to go over to my nana I kept trying to convince mom to take our dog ChiChi over since my grandparents tend to complain and ask about to see her. I was ready to go, I always the first one ready to go anywhere. Dad was out getting nana the rose bush for her. As soon as he came back, mom came to her senses and grabbed ChiChi leash and she started running to both of the doors all excitedly and mom got her hooked up to the collar and dad had just said that he was getting him something to eat, and I betting he was happy that he only had one pet to beg while he was eating. Oliver is the begging type now and funny part is, dad will feed me too! Anyways, I was willing to take ChiChi up in the front seat becau michael kors se Blondie HATES taking the dog with us, because she likes to bark and whine the entire time until we get to the certain location. When mom turned on the car, she pulled down Blondi michael kors e window so she could see outside. It was so cute to see ChiChi little head peak out of this big window from the backseat. When we got michael kors there, mom took her inside and I don know who was more happy that she was there nana or papaw. When mom came back to get me out of the car, I was sitting in my seat watching the squirrel in the tree going from one side to the other. It the little things in life that makes me happy! I went inside and papaw like my dad, one minute he hot, one minute he cold. I say it a men thing but now all four of us are being like that now! My mom presented nana yellow rose bush and balloon to her. Mom and Blondie stuck in the ground right by my papaw other bush he got a couple of years ago.I happy to say that all of the flowers you see here are beautiful and real. I not big on real flowers and I know that sounds weird, but fake flowers never die and bees stay away from them. Best of both worlds! When we came back to the house, mom put her hair up in a ponytail and we went over to our neighbors to hang out. It been looking like it could rain/storm all day long, kind of like yesterday. We could hear thunder rumbling through after a while of being there inside the barn. Little Chevy got this little princess castle thing that has little soft balls inside and she was giving everybody one. As everybody had a ball, somebody just started throwing them left and right. I still had a hold of mine throughout the whole thing. It wasn until the end I had my head straight and a split second I had turned my head to the left and my mom, who was sitting away from me had thrown her ball to my dad, who was sitting behind me and the ball just hit my ponytail and I was like, the hell! At least it didn hit me in the face but it was like, now! It was a fun time. Now I going to eat a chili dog and relax a bit. I been apart of different chats lately and one of my favorite questions that we mostly get asked is is your favorite posts to read and before it was just the normal lifestyle posts because I nosy. After a couple of chats later, and I slowly started to add more genres in the answer like travel, DIY, and food posts. So this post and the rest until further notice are about lifestyle bloggers with my favorite posts! If you don already follow these blogs, please follow them because you become a fan of them instantly!A Lady In London She is a blogger that has traveled around the world, 92 countries and counting. She posts each post with the words In and wherever she traveled to as her title. I a lot of her post and I love what she talks about inside the post, including the pictures! They are high quality and can pop out of the post instantly.Isobel Rose Isobel is a new blogger I found earlier this week. She really a beauty and fashion blogger, but she does some lifestyle posts in there too. She a language major and living in Madrid. I think that really cool so, you know I got to continue to follow her blog for more interesting things in her life.Lauryn Notebook Lauryn a teenage blogger, who ever think teenagers don actually blog and use tumblr instead, well Lauryn is the total opposite. She talks about books, travel, and lifestyle. She even does posts such as these and promotes other teenage bloggers. She is a sweetheart and I love her posts and pictures!Raising Harry and Arthur Although she keeps her blog on private I still have to include her in this post. Becky is a single to two little boys. She originally made her blog for her first son Harry and it about their fun adventures at their home, out and about, and trips to Disneyland Paris. Earlier she gave birth to another baby boy named Arthur and she now talking about life with the both of them. She is such a good young mother and my nana loves reading her blog posts as well!Olive Needs Popeye You know there not very many people where I love talking to everyday, that make me happy while I talking to them. She is still fairly young but she an artist like I am, she also does posts on life, photography, beauty and fashion. She is incredibly sweet too!I been trying to keep up with this whole everyday concept. I did it last year and only four days throughout the entire year. It was a nice little challenge for me to do at that time. Now I feel like I blogging for the wrong reasons. As if I was only doing it for better views on my posts and I think seeing my views just decline so bad for two years before, where they were in the 80 500 views in a week to 10 40 views in a post. It hurts because I take my hardest to produce good stuff and I feel like I just went screwed myself over. I been wondering about this for a long time and I have felt like that I run out of things to talk about and everybody says, you never have enough stuff to discuss on your blog. Yeah, well that not true! Let get something straight first, I been blogging for five years and I had two separate blogs. I love running this blog like I loved running my last one. I just in one hell of a rut and talking about things that aren happening and only posting what going on in my mind can get dangerous! Haha! I don want to stop blogging completely because let face it, blogging has been my lifeline. It my best friend. It always there when I need to let loose and go crazy! Nothing right now is fresh anymore.I started this blog with a new change of where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be. I haven lost that, but the content isn where it should be. Writing is supposed to be about having fun and I not having fun at the moment. I think of blogging as a job like what I didn want, I not a journalist nor do I intend to be one, blogging was my ultimate outlet and I loved being somebody highlight of the day! It not mine right now. Now that I gotten that off my chest, I am here to say I will post here and there. My I post like Bloggers Do It Better, Five Sentence Fiction, Free Write Friday, Ketchup With Us, and Picture It Write will be up when I feel like doing them! My 52 Week writing challenge has been proposed temporally, also all of my other posts like Spring Paradise, Roll With Me, Tune Tuesday, and Blogs That I Love will be up whenever things happen. Other than that, nothing else will be posted. No quotes, lists, random short stories, etc until further notice! If you are on Twitter, I will be posting a different post from my archives everyday (I try) and hopefully that give you some highlight and bring a smile on your face. See you all on Tuesday for another edition of Tune Tuesday! Thank you for the viewers and nice comments. I be back to my old self soon! I just need a nice good break from routine!What it all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.Brittany wanted to give her little princess everything she ever wanted, but also some important values too.Hannah was only four but knew how to walk, share, and loved every piece of clothing a person put in front of her; she was humbled with what she had at such a young age that nobody could believe it.When Brittany and her boyfriend Jack discovered they were expecting a new baby was coming, they didn want Hannah to feel left out of the picture.They were moving into their new house and wanted to give her something they knew she would love, her favorite movies wasAlice In WonderlandandBeauty and the Beast,they know how much she loved adventures, reading, songs, and characters of the movies.When they brought Hannah to her new door, she saw a pink door knob, but inside was a lair of bookshelves and handmade painted talking flowers, her bed was daisy bed with a cute little kitten stuffed animal that looked like Alice cat Delilah; she was so happy to have the best of both worlds that she hugged her parents tightly!It one of those sleepless nights. Actually, I had them about every day of this week. I still don know how it exactly happened either. Anyways, I have finished two movies and a TV show that I taped earlier this evening. A little bit ago, as I was finishing SVU I saw this fairly large bug crawling on my table. I know! I know! Why am I freaking out about a bug that basically on the other side of my room (like any of you would know that!) I didn know if it flew or not and so I knew my mom was awake so I sent her a text. So she came in and when she had the door cracked open the bug went onto the floor, I still don know if it jumped or flew down there. It just landed there and as mom was walking in, I was trying to tell her it was on the floor by her feet. She literally jumped up and slightly screamed. It was kind of funny! She did kill it after attempting to do three times. We found it to be a bug and it was pretty big! So now we both screwed of ever finding sleep now. I more awake than I was an hour ago. Too much excitement. Now I listening to music from my TV and enjoying the darkness of my room. I might try to attempt to find some sleep, but I think I going to go on Pinterest for a visit. Hopefully, I be back with a real post later on today! For all of the people getting ready for their day, I hope you have a wonderful day! :)I seen these before on other blogs and thought they were kind of cute, but yet not for me. Well, I bored but I don have much in my head for a huge blog post so unless I find something else. This might be the only post you get until tomorrow. However, I am on Pinterest so you could lucky. Who knows honestly! Okay, I writing about what I currently doing and it not a lot, so this should be interesting to say the least. Enjoy though!Really tired and wish I could get my sleep back on track. However, I think after all of the hints she been giving me for the last two days to try to sleep in tomorrow morning. I think we both going to wishing for a miracle for two completely different outcomes.Boxes and I have three that I use religiously. One is for my headphones at night. I been using Velveeta boxes for my little stuff like iPod and cords. I also have a medium size Kleenex box for my cup. We have another big box underneath on the floor covered by a sheet and then the Kleenex box just gives my cup in place. That was invention number two!!Figure out what I was going to wear to my friend wedding in the fall. I seriously have no idea and I worried about a few months in advance. How nice!Nature, as a blogger recently I noticed myself taking a step back from talking and engaging with people and just listening to everybody talk and what was around me. Now I did this during Christmas and I got so overwhelmed that I was basically out of the picture for most of the time. So I know now to talk a little bit during everything so my mind doesn feel like it could explode.On Monday nights while I listen to my iPod when everybody gone to back and I still trying to calm myself down from that night Danc michael kors ing With The Stars.Almost everything, I love songs that have a sassy sound but I also love those low and soft melodies too! I love operatic voices the most though!The world is crazy, but I think it can be built up again as that what we always do when a crisis happens.