michael kors A life spent reading the fine

By | August 19, 2015

A life spent reading the fine print is no life at all

When I ordered a club sandwich at my Cairns hotel, I momentarily forgot I was in Queensland, home of super servings and ballooning obesity. So I wasn’t expecting the towering edifice and mountain of chips that arrived at my table. Nor was I expecting what followed when I threw in the towel 30 minu michael kors tes later and requested a doggy bag. I was told it was policy that guests sign a waiv michael kors er before being allowed such a thing, accepting michael kors full responsibility for any consequences that might arise.

This I was happy to do; I had enjoyed one half of that club sandwich and was looking forward to having the rest of it for my supper. When the bag arrived it carried a warning to refrigerate the contents within 60 minutes. The time honoured tradition of the doggy bag is now a minefield of red tape and fine print. And it’s not the only area of our lives under siege.

A few months ago, the nursing home at my retirement villag michael kors e called for volunteers to help dementia sufferers with their meals. A few willing souls put up their hands only to be told they must first submit to a police check. Insult was added to injury when they were asked to pay $15 for the privilege. Given the volunteers were all of a venerable age and noble disposition, the need for background checks seemed laughable.