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By | August 19, 2015

A Life Less Ordinary

Are you? Rather absurd it may be but when it comes to bags and goodies, women can get crazier than this. It was just a few days ago that Dee sent me an sms.

Hey, you know what? I been at KLCC since midnite until now.

I was like puzzled. Why on earth would someone stayed overnight at KLCC and who the fark is so farking crazy to stay over night in that freaking place? Oh, ya . Dee.

I wa michael kors s watching The Breakfast Show, the show worth waking up for this morning. Then, SHIT! Now I know why she stayed overnight. For God sake, only for that Not A Plastic Bag bags! And to add more to my already dull minded mind that is still being left out in the dark on why on earth she did that, the store that sells the thing only opens at 10am the next morning! Isn that so farking crazy? Dee, get a life will ya!

Upon watching that, I sms Lola this morning.

What with you people and this Not A Plastic Bag bag?

Oh, that bag does not harm the environment. My friend even asked me to queue that day but I refused. They selling it at RM55. If they decided to produced more of the b michael kors ags next time around, they will not sell it for RM55. That shop usually sells bags worth RM1500 minimum. A French line. Next time people don use plastic bag anymore to shop.

It took me back to what Mar posted a few days ago :

A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that

she doesn’t need but it’s on sale

Like Dee, she have tonnes of handbags and my sis too. And when I asked my sis this morning :

Why you need another handbag? I thought you just bought one last month?

This one different la. This one for a good cause. To change the world to a better place.

Better place my ass. That a very cheap excuse. I not buying it. :)

1. The bag is already a big hit everywhere, The Americas, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore

2. The bag would normally cost you at a staggering RM1,200. Now that it RM55, who don want?

3. Paris Hilton got one, maybe three . nahh . like I care

There was this guy who got interviwed by the crew. He was asked why he dying to get the bag? I michael kors mean, not that he gonna use it or what. The answer :

My girlfrind asked me to get one for her. If she watching, I just want to say Look baby, I come this far for you.
michael kors

It somehow reminded me of my last post where I said :

Even though women think on an emotional basis, they are very good at messing with guys’ brains. Have you ever heard of a woman killing herself over a man? Women are natural psychologists and know every button to press to ruin a man’s self esteem, ego, career and wallet.