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By | August 19, 2015

A Sound Investment for Resellers

The Neopets 6th Birthday Goodie Bag is now a retired item so if you didn’t stock up on it while it was still an active item; chances are you are going to have to pay upwards of 25K for one of them. Are they worth investing in? It all depends on if you plan on hoarding them and selling them in the future when the price increases or opening them to see what’s inside. I have a few of them in my Safety Deposit Box and bought them before they were retired and that’s where they will stay until they hit unbuyable status. What are some of the things you can find inside the Neopets 6th Birthday Goodie Bag? Honestly, the few that I opened didn’t have anything all that interesting but there are some edibles that have recently hit the 1K mark on the Sho cheap michael kors p Wizard. “Yellow Neopets 6th Birthday Hard Candy”, “Blue Neopets 6th Birthday Hard Candy” and “Pink Neopets 6th Birthday Hard Candy” are all selling for over 1K each but as of late the Pink and Purple have been selling for more. You can also get the “Sparkling Neopets 6th Birthday Cake” if you are willing to pay over a million points; I was only able to find one of them and that was in a gallery. Likewise the Yellow, Pink and Illusen’s variations of the cakes are almost impossible to find.

Other items that were given out in the Neopets 6th Birthday Goodie Bag include the following: “Yellow Neopets 6th Birthday Blower”: 500 NP, “Blue Neopets 6th Birthday Blower”: cheap michael kors 350 NP, “Yellow Neopets 6th Birthday Hat”: 400 NP, “Blue Neopets 6th Birthday Hat”: 400 NP, “Neopets 6th Birthday Hat”: 300 NP, “Purple Neopets 6th Birthday Blower”: 300 NP.

These items are classified as Toys and you can use them to play with your Neopets. So far I have never seen any of them get broken so you can use them over and over. The edible items are one time use so once you feed them to your Neopet they are gone from your inventory. That, combined with the fact that they are retired, make them a good investment because the price is continually going to go cheap michael kors up on them.

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