cheap michael kors A socialite with a mission

By | August 19, 2015

A socialite with a mission

NEW YORK As Britain goes wild in anticipation of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, excitement is building across the pond for upcoming nuptials that will unite two American dynasties.

Lauren Bush, the niece of ex president George W. Bush, is engaged to be married to David Lauren, son of legendary designer Ralph Lauren.

Bush sat down with QMI Agency recently to discuss her own fashion endeavours as well as her true love philanthropy. She met us in the offices of her foundation, located in a loft in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan.

The 26 year old appeared humble, even shy during the interview, wearing no makeup and sporting cargo pants and sneakers. Only the enormous diamond engagement ring on her finger provides a hint at her privileged life.

Bush blushes when asked about the day last year when her longtime boyfriend popped the question, and popped out the ring, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“Yes, I’m very excited,” was her only response.

She had little more to say when asked if she was worried about the likely media circus whenever she announces a wedding date.

“I think it is what you want it to be,” replied Bush. “I haven’t really thought about it much.”

This reporter made one final attempt to pry into Bush’s personal life, asking if she would be changing her name to Lauren Lauren.

“I don’t know!” was the curt reply.

Bush is loath to reveal much about herself, perhaps wary of the media frenzy that occurred back in 2002, when her mother, Sharon, divorced her father, Neil, the younger brother of George W.

But the young socialite is much more enthusiastic about her foundation, FEED Projects, which she created in 2007. The agency, associated with the United Nations World Food Programme, has since raised $6 million and provided 57 million meals to children in developing countries. It was all done through sales of simple denim bags.

Lauren got the idea while studying fashion design.

“I had the idea to create this bag that could feed a child in school for a year,” said Bush, whose foundation has sold nearly 500,000 bags. “The inspiration came from the burlap grain bags distributed around the world by the UN. I thought they looked really cool.”

Now the bags have become a fashion accessory. They’re her constant companions, even at red carpet events.

FEED Projects takes up all of her time and the agency employs five people. The bags can be found at Gap and Whole Foods stores in the United States and a partnership with Disney is in the works.

Bush’s venture also has the backing of her most important partner, who just happens to be the executive vice president at Polo Ralph Lauren.

“David is really supportive,” said Bush. “Even on the second date I told him about this idea. He’s been there from day one giving me advice. Obviously, he’s in the fashion industry so he is much more experienced.”

Bush is no slouch either when it comes to fashion cheap michael kors . She worked as a model for several years and has appeared in Vogue and W magazines, as well as Tommy Hilfiger ad campaigns. She insists she stumbled into the industry.

“Modelling was never the end goal,” said cheap michael kors Bush. “I grew up in Texas so it was a funny excuse to come to New York with my mom. I always knew when I finished school it would be something else.”

She went on to study anthropology at Princeton University, where she graduated in 2006. Bush returned to the fashion world to launch her own clothing line, Lauren Pierce, but she managed to blend philanthropy cheap michael kors with profit.

“The dresses are made in New York, but the fabrics are bought in Congo mainly to give these women a market,” she said.

Bus cheap michael kors h admits that growing up in a political family stoked her interest in social causes, leading to the inevitable question: will she ever jump into politics?