cheap michael kors A sneak peek inside our Goodie

By | August 19, 2015

A sneak peek inside our Goodie Bag Giveaway

Tell me there a better way to start a Monday morning and I give you an extra entry into this competition. That not true by the way, but I challenge y cheap michael kors ou to not get excited about what you about to see, Primpers.

For about a month now, we been banging on about our Look Book Goodie Bag Giveaway and the (nearly) $20,000 prize that you can claim your share of, should you win. However, the prize itsel cheap michael kors f has been shrouded in mystery, with all loyal Primpers trusting us enough to know we would always hook you up.

And hook you up we have, Primpers. We called upon our friends in the industry to send us some of our favourite products both mentioned in the Look Book and mentioned on PRIMPED. And then told your friends to enter, too. Weee! Also, we invite (and highly encourage) our 20 lucky winners to come back to PRIMPED and review all the above mentioned products so we can all get a slice of the winnings. Thank you.

The product that I would love love love to use the most is the Hissy Fit savig face tinted moisturizer! I love anythi cheap michael kors ng that is tinted and has a high spf as it i cheap michael kors s my number one beauty essential and the secret for anti aging