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By | August 19, 2015

A Sky Blue Trash Bag

Despite problems with bags ripping and trash flying out everywhere before pick up time, there were few complaints, because the bags were a sedate beige color.

Now, the citys garbage collection firm, Waste Management Inc., is requiring that customers use new, stronger bags that are a brilliant hue of blue.

The color change lets customers know the bags have been improved. The new color also prevents nefarious characters from counterfeiting bags, said company manager Floyd Cherry.

Color actually had nothing to do with it, Cherry said. Those bags come in green, red, black, blue and beige. I chose to change the color so, if there were any complaints, people would know when the bags changed. This color actually costs me more than other colors, but that isnt being passed on to the city (customers).

Green bag cheap michael kors s might be nice because they are less obtrusive. But they might blend in so well with the citys lush lawns that they might not be visible, and they might not get picked up.

The calm aft cheap michael kors er the storm . maybe

Well, residents of Sunrise can rest e cheap michael kors asy after a whirlwind week.

There wont be a strong mayor to kick around any more.

And shoppers wont have to pay a 2 percent surcharge on groceries now that item pricing is a bad memory.

But the political mean season may already have begun, with politicos speculating on who will run for office and who will be hired as city manager.

Then comes the hard part of predicting which incumbent City Council member will be out of a job when the five member council is reorganized. Under the council manager system, five council members will be elected, but one of the five will be elected in a separate campaign for the mayors title.

A strong mayor advocate, Anne Marie LaBelle said she is considering running for the mayors office or for a council seat.

I havent made a decision. Theres a lot of things to consider, LaBelle said.

Among the items on her political agenda, LaBelle said, is a higher visibility for the older, southeastern sections of the city.

She said she feels the area is neglected at a time of awesome growth in the citys western side.

Just a public service announcemen cheap michael kors t:

Two years ago, in Pembroke Pines, the campaign turned ugly when two incumbents ran against other incumbents in the citys first election by district.

The winners each beat their opponents by fewer than 50 votes.

Remember, there are only 235 campaign days until next Marchs municipal elections. The state and presidential elections in November will be only a warm up.