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By | August 19, 2015

a Single Bag Travel

Carrying many bags during journey of only one day or two? Fed up making different bags for different purpose and different stuffs? How about carrying a multi purpose luggage cheap michael kors with you and travelling easily?

Wondering how is it possible? It is possible by choosing a multi purpose single travel bag with you. You c cheap michael kors an select one for you from many brands available in the market.

A single bag to carry for travelling can be a duffle bag, backpack, duffle trolley, trolley, messenger bag and shoulder bags. You can choose one among this according to your requirement and choice of brand.

Largest luggage brand in Asia and the second largest manufacturer of moulded luggage in the world.

VIP product offerings includes a variety of hard and soft luggage strolleys, suitcases, duffle bags, overnight travel solutions, executive ca cheap michael kors ses, backpacks, and even travel accessories.

Journey of VIP:

VIP was launched in India in 1971. They stepped in market by introducing the suitcase for people.

In 1981, VIP launched multi safe locks in suitcase.

VIP was the first to introduce wheeling in luggage!

They launched a suitcase with unique locking mechanism which never opens upside down.

VIP were the first to launch soft cushion handle, business briefcase, 18 carat gold plated locks, single cheap michael kors stem strolly, Teflon bags, superlight bags, and 360 wheeling range

VIP Duffle Bags: Replacing the old heavy bags and making the journey light are the Teflon Coated water resistance padded Handles bags which are stylish in looks and spacious in packing.

VIP Duffle Trolley: A combo of duffle bag and trolley, fancy to carry and easy to move. Its lightweight and durable it is made up of Nylon Fabric.

VIP Backpack: New generation bag preferred and purchased by all segments of the society because of its stylish look and portable feature.

VIP Messenger Bag: These are the multipurpose bag made to carry your laptop and also overnight travel belongings. They have one big compartment for laptop, one compartment to fit in your overnight stuffs and outer compartment for the cables and other essentials. The brand caters to the super style conscious young professionals who are constantly on the move and need to make a style statement at all times. Skybags sports an elegant and stylish image and aims to be the preferred brand for young working professionals.

Skybags makes a variety of funky bags including backpacks, duffels, shoulder bags, waist pouches, sling bags, duffel trolleys, vanity cases, office bags and satchels. Buy bags by Skybags in India to amaze the world!

Skybags Backpack: Travel in style with this extremely fashionable backpack. It has an appealing design i with neat interior that has ample space for your gadgets, books and documents. High quality material used in its creation makes this bag tough and durable. Spread the trend in office, college and feel free to fill it!!!