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By | August 19, 2015

a simple tote bag

Time to take a cupcake break for a bit (maybe a day or so).

In my life I have sewed about 3 things. Aplatypusin middle school home ec. class (don ask why we were makingplatypuses), a t shirt quilt (my mom did all the pining, I just sewed the straight lines) and a few box dresses for a skit my sophomore year of high school. That it. I had never sewn on my own, there had always been supervision.

However, when I foundthistutorial, I had to make it, and I thought it was time to grow up and make it on my own. There were a couple of steps that were confusing to me (really I got lost at step 7, it sounded like I was supposed to sew the b cheap michael kors ag closed!) so I also usedthistutorial as a reference. Those two combined help me to figure out the steps and successfully sew my own bag!

As you know, I normally give you a step by step on how things are made, however due to my TOTAL lack of expertise in this area I decided to not do that. Instead I just going to recap my process and discuss the parts that were most difficult for me.

O! And I going to talk about adding in a pocket! I can stand purses that don havepocketsso I just had to figure out a way to add one in, turns out it wasn that hard. I promise if I cheap michael kors can do this so can you, just reference the other tutorials that I linked to, they will help you a lot!

The straps were super easy. You just fold the outsides to the center and iron. Then you fold that in half and sew down both sides. Like this

See, that was easy right. You got that so now all you have to do is the rest.

The sewing the two pieces of fabric together was simple. I found that it best if you sew down the sides first and then sew across the bottom. The first time around I sewed down one side and then across the bottom and it got all wonky on me, so sew down the sides first, please!

Once you have essentially two bags you have to sew the straps on to the outside bag. The hardest part about this was making sure that the straps line up, I doubled andtripledcheck this before actually sewing it down.

Then you slip the outer fabric into the lining (turned inside out). Then carefully sew around the cheap michael kors bag, making sure to leave a hole about 4 inches wide to pull everything through. I forgot this and had to use a seam ripper to open up a hole, so don forget it, it just be simpler.

Then you pull everything through the h cheap michael kors ole and push the lining in and ta da, it a bag!

Ok, so pockets are incredibly important, this is the pocket that I added in to my bag.

See it on the bottom there, it the perfect size for my phone. Here how you do it (this may not be the best way to do it but it what I did and it worked pretty well.)

Cut a long rectangle out of lining fabric, about 10 inches by 5 inches (or whatever size you need). Fold it in half and iron the seam. Fold down hems and iron those down as well. Then, sew across the hems, about 1/4 of an inch in, and then fold it in half again and sew down the sides. Turn it inside out and ta da, it a mini bag. (If I knew how to sew in zippers I would do this just as a coin purse, or a bag for inside my purse).

Anyway, now that you have the pocket done, center it on the right side of the lining fabric (becauserememberthe right side of the lining ends up on the inside of the bag.) Then just sew across the top. I also sewed down the middle just to add extra structure.

I think that about all I have for you! I hope that this inspires you to make a bag because I promise you can do it! I know you can! And I love you, thank you for stopping by, please come back and see what else is happening. I heard rumors of sunflower cupcakes, hint, hint, wink, wink 😉