cheap michael kors A Review of Bike Seat Bags

By | August 19, 2015

A Review of Bike Seat Bags

Sheldon Brown, professional bicycle mechanic, believes cyclists should know and carry tools for changing flat tires while cycling. Mechanic Jim Langley suggests carrying the necessary tools in a seat pack, a small bag designed to attach under the rear of a bicycle seat. Many m cheap michael kors anufacturers build a variety of bags designed to carry small or large articles off the back of a bicycle saddle. Other cyclists want the largest bag possible just in case large items need hauling. Cyclists should purchase seat bags based on the most common use the bag will perform. Seat bags change readily, often in under a minute with no tools, and experienced cyclists typically own several bags for a variety of situations. Some larger seat bags require rear racks to support bag bottoms when loaded. Using such a bag without a rack results in tire c cheap michael kors ontact and may damage the bag.

Where To Buy

Many local bicycle shops, department store and online retailers sell bicycle seat bags. Several boutique online companies sell bicycle bags directly to consumers. Waterproof bags, water resistant bags and handmade finely crafted bags often sell well from such retailers. Many cyclists construct bags using readily available materials and small amounts of sewing. Some companies build bags from recycled materials, such as used bicycle inner tubes or milk jugs, while others utilize water resistant waxed cotton and canvas. Seat bags designed for more rugged use with little carrying capacity range from $20 to $50. Quality canvas or recycled bags cost $30 to $100, depending on size, construction and additional materials. Hand worked leather bags often sell for $100 to $200. Water resistant and waterproof bags typically rang c cheap michael kors heap michael kors e from $50 to $120. Boutique handmade bags may sell as low as $25 or as high as $300. Racks for bag support cost $25 to $75, depending on desired support weight, manufacturer and design. Many companies offer waterproof bicycle bag covers costing $10 to $50, depending on size.