cheap michael kors A Reversible Box Bottom Tote B

By | August 19, 2015

A Reversible Box Bottom Tote Bag for my Bento

Last saturday, I made a reversible tote bag for my 3 tier Bento Bako ( /lunch box), which is used for family outings or church lunches. The pattern I used was taken from this book () that features a simple square tote bag. As usual, being an over confident amateur, I tweaked the sizes and defiantlyaltered the instructions to suit my need.
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As mentioned earlier, cheap michael kors A B are a set. On the wrong side of the fabric, I sewed the sides of A B togethe cheap michael kors r in this sequence (1) (2) (3) with a 0.5 cm hem since I don have a lot fabric to spare.

After one side is complete, I sewed the second piece of B to A with the same sequence.

Next, I made the cloth handles and sewed them close to the edges of the right side of the outer bag (A B set). To make ONE handle: 1. I used a 5cm wide stripe of fabri cheap michael kors c (with 35cm length). 2. I folded the stripe of fabric into two, pressed it until the center line was visible.