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michael kors a little bit of heavenPara

a little bit of heaven Paradise in a Teacup:a little bit of heavenEverything at Paradise in a Teacup from the tables to the teapots is for sale, but there’s a genuine swe michael kors etness to the place that can’t be bought or sold. We didn’t michael kors buy anything except lunch, but, after a… Read More »

michael kors A little ‘Patch’ of sweetness

A little ‘Patch’ of sweetness in Suffern The small pink and white storefront across the street from the Suffern train tracks brings one word to mind: “sweet.” And that’s exactly what you’ll find inside. Lifelong Suffern resident Peggy Simurra opened Pink Patch Sweets a bakery, gift shop, and candy store in May. Simurra describes the… Read More »

michael kors A list of sports words and phr

A list of sports words and phrases Mainers love to use A few weeks ago I read the BDN story about the just released Dictionary of American Regional English. The University of Wisconsin researchers interviewed folks from 1,000 communities, collecting colorful and varied words used in Americans’ everyday life, trying to show many of the… Read More »