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michael kors purses A three bag dayA few weeks

A three bag day

A few weeks ago my youngest daughter told me she wasn’t feeling well as she was getting ready for school. Because she is a child who is prone to exaggeration about physical symptoms, I told her to eat breakfast and she would feel better. In addition, I had a packed day at work, and was already doing the mental gymnastics it would take to shuffle things around.

As we pu michael kors purses lled into the driveway of the little girl’s house that we carpool with, my daughter screamed from the backseat: “Throwing up!” I reached behind the seat and pulled an old folded Nordstrom’s bag from the back pocket of the seat. My older daughter opened it and shoved it under her sister’s mouth just in time.

I then told the mother of the child what had just happened and explained that I was still driving my older daughter to school, but that her daughter would have to come in my car at her own risk. Like any working moms given that choice, she made the only realistic decision she could at the moment and sent her daughter with me. I promised to keep them as far apart as possible. In the michael kors purses meantime, I tried to calm my little girl, telling her she had just earned a mommy daughter day which would begin as soon as we dropped the other children off at school. I also called the michael kors purses doctor and got a mid morning appointment.

We dropped off the child and my oldest daughter without incident, but just as I was pulling out of the carpool line, I heard another scream: “Throwing up again!” She yelled it as if I somehow had forgotten this was our second round. We got out of the car and ran into the main office restroom. On the way out I snagged a grocery bag which we ended up using before I even pulled out of the parking lot. At the exit to the parking lot, she yelled again that throw up was on its way.

At this point I was really in a panic. All the bags had been used, or so I thought. I had somehow managed to contain the throw up until this point, and now I feared that I was about to lose this round. I grabbed the glove compartment door, jerked it open and rummaged for something, anything, that might catch what was about to come out of my precious daughter’s mouth.

Voila, a leftover air sickness bag from a flight several months prior had somehow managed to make its way i michael kors purses nto my car. This had been placed there at the advice of a babysitter whose father always snagged them when he flew just for this purpose. Problem solved.

When we arrived home, I got her into her pajamas, made a bed for her on the couch in front of the fireplace, and placed a trashcan next to her.

“Mommy, I’m sorry I threw up in your car,” she said groggily, reaching up to hug me.

“It’s OK, baby,” I said rubbing her back, not worrying that what she had might be contagious. “Mommy is just happy we had enough bags to handle it. Which reminds me, time to put more bags in the car!”

michael kors purses A third of Mizoram votesNe

A third of Mizoram votes

Nearly a third of the electorate cast their ballot Friday in the first three hours in the lone Lok Sabha constituency and a by poll for an assembly seat in Mizoram, officials here said.

Balloting for both Lok Sabha and assembly seat was earlier scheduled April 9 and it was postponed to Friday due to a three day shutdown and boycott call by NGOs and students’ groups.

An Election Commission official said that the balloting was peaceful so far and no untoward incident was reported from anywhere in the state that borders Myanmar and Bangladesh. First time voters are very excited to cast their ballots,” the official told IANS. Ruala of the Congress, Robert Romawia Royte of the United Democratic Front (UDF) and M. Lalmanzuala of the Aam Aadmi Party.

The main opposition UDF is an alliance of eight parties led by the Mizo National Front (MNF), which ruled the state for two terms (1998 2003 and 2003 08). The UDF is supported by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The MNF had won the Lok Sabha seat, reserved for tribals, in 2004.

The by election for the Hrangturzo assembly seat is also being held Friday. The by election was necessitated after Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla, who won from two constituencies in the assembly polls held Nov 25, vacated the seat.

Vanlalawmpuii Chawngthu of the Congress is pitted against UDF leader H. Lalduhawma, who unsuccessfully contested the la michael kors purses st election from the same seat.

With a population of 1,091,014, Mizoram’s 702,189 electorate, including 355,954 women, would decide the fate of three candidates in the lone Lo michael kors purses k Sabha constituency.

Around 4,500 polling personnel have been engaged in 1,126 polling stations, of which 385 centres, mainly in urban areas, would use the Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) system with the electronic voting machines.

The VVPAT, which was used in 10 assembly segments in last year’s polls in Mizoram, confirm the voting.

Security arrangements have been made across the mountainous state, which shares borders with Myanmar (404 km) and Bangladesh (318 km), besides Tripura and Assam.

Eight companies of central paramilitary forces and six battalions of state security forces have been deployed.

Polling in Mizoram was deferred to Friday due to a three day shutdown and poll boycott call by NGOs and students’ groups in the state.

Six voluntary organisations and students’ groups led by the Young Mizo Association called the three day state wide strike from April 7 and urged people to boycott the polls protesting the Election Commission’s decision to allow tribal refugees in Tripura to cast their votes through postal ballot.

Of the over 36,000 Reang tribal refugees living in seven camps in Tripura for the past 17 years after fleeing their villages in Mizoram, 11,500 were on electoral rolls in Mizoram and 71 percent of them voted throu michael kors purses gh postal ballot last week.

In view of a threat by NGOs to obstruct counting of postal ballot papers in Aizawl, the poll pan michael kors purses el decided to count them in Kanchanpur in north Tripura May 16, Kanchanpur Sub Divisional Magistrate Nantu Das told IANS.

The Reang tribals locally known as Bru fled their villages in Mizoram and took shelter in neighbouring Tripura in October 1997 after an ethnic conflict broke out with the majority Mizos over the killing of a Mizo forest official.

michael kors purses A Think Tank for IdiotsThe

A Think Tank for Idiots

The guide feature on cable is supposed to be my friend. During a michael kors purses recent good is on spell, I stumbled across the headline Down South and immediately looked at the channel to see if this was porn. It was not. Instead, it read CMT and made me think twice about what it could possibly be. As nothing else was appealing I decided to click on this channel and found a nugget from heaven. The first scene I see is a drunk amazon woman falling out of taxi van and a bunch of wasted southerners yelling and complaining about how trashed she is. The cab drops michael kors purses them off at this house and chatter begins about the whereabouts of Daddy. The camera michael kors purses cuts to a shot of a man who is sleeping in a hammock. In my brain, I wonder michael kors purses if he is the father to this brood of white trash but quickly learn that he is one of them and had simply passed out in the hammock. They bumrush the hammock and wake daddy to restart the party. I watch for another 15 minutes and try to figure what the eff is going on. In the end, it Redneck Real World and later find out that the Jersey Shore producers are behind it all.

Overall, white trash Kristin Cavallari will give you the boner you seek so watch and have your DVR handy as they speak in tongues you may not understand.