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A touch of Paris in India Company Briefs at afaqs

New Delhi, November 16, 2011Delsey, French creator of contemporary and design luggage, currently the second largest luggage brand worldwide, has kick started its Indian retail operations by opening its first store in south extension to mak michael kors purses e its world class products available to the customers in the capital city.The store is located at South Extension II and the same will exceptionally provide the essence of the Brand at its best to all its customers.The Delsey store has lined up an exclusive and exciting range of luggages, travel gear, business collection, casual collection and travel accessories for the Indian market.Delsey is currently present in over 110 countries across 5 continents worldwide. The company is a pioneer that has chosen avant garde position in order to become the benchmark brand in the luggage market. The company s ambition is to create products boasting a clever balance of know how and audacity of michael kors purses contemporary products.Since its creation, Delsey has been awarded several times for the quality of products that combine aesthetics, lightness, security, functionality and design. The company aims to be very attentive towards the modern traveler s needs in order to meet the requirements arising out from their ever increasing mobility. Choosing a Delsey bag is a guarantee of elegance, ingeniousness a michael kors purses nd innovation for a long time. Delsey is a French brand with a reputation in Design; it sets the course of the future and rises to the challenge of innovation. Banyan Netfaqs Pvt Ltd takes no responsibility for and di michael kors purses sclaims the information available in form of press releases across our network.

michael kors purses A tote of noteWhat it is:

A tote of note

What it is: Cabas, a French word that means, quite simply, shopping tote. It comes from the woven straw “cabas” or baskets used to transport fruit and vegetables from the market. Luxury Parisian luggage houses like Goyard and Louis Vuitton have them as designer bags, of bonded leather, often in their signature prints and textures (like Monogram and chevron). The English call them hold alls. Thus, they’re no mere shopper; they become status symbols.

Why: With the spring summer collec michael kors purses tion in mind, Lacoste creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista visited the Pays Bas area of France for inspiration. Thus, this season’s “Chantaco” bag michael kors purses takes its name (and a few design elements) from th michael kors purses e Lacoste family golf course there, michael kors purses where the crocodile’s golf champion wife Simon Thion de la Chaume especially enjoyed playing.

The bag is also in more limited distribution than Lacoste’s regular collections just 50 top Lacoste stores in the world, including Toronto and Montreal boutiques. The summer edition comes in basic black and a seasonal white, sky blue or navy.

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A Tote Bag Comparison

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limit my search to /r/malefashionadviceuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. Both of my bags have navy blue michael kors purses handles and bottom but LL Bean and Lands End both offer a number of different color options. The LL Bean canvas is a bit stiffer notice how the handles on the Bean bag stand up straight while the handles on the Lands End bag flop over. This may be just because I been using the Lands End bag more so it more broken in, but even when both bags were new the Bean canvas felt stiffer. The stiffer canvas on the Bean bag makes me think michael kors purses that it may hold up better in the long run I love to hear from other people in this regard. The bodies of both bags stand up straight on their own with no trouble.

Bean bags are proudly made in Maine but Lands End bags are simply listed as “imported”. I hesitant to say that this has any impact on the quality of construction. If anything my Lands End bag appears to be better constructed. On my Bean bag the side seams have some loose threads and just appear to be a bit sloppier overall than the Lands End bag. The top edge of the Bean bag is simply rolled over and stitched while the Lands End bag has an extra strip of canvas around the top edge that helps to make it lo michael kors purses ok a little more put together (see previous two photos). Both bags have double layered handles and bottoms. I prefer the triangle detailing on the bottom/side of the Bean bag to the straight bottom on the Lands End bag but I think this is just a matter of preference.

List prices between Bean and Lands End are very similar for the various sizes that they offer, ranging from about $20 to $40. Both brands also offer zip top bags and monogramming for a few extra bucks. Both companies also have lifetime satisfaction guarantees. Lands michael kors purses End does tend to run more frequent and deeper sales, so you may very well be able to get a bag cheaper from them (I got mine for 50% off on Christmas eve). In my opinion it impressive that LL Bean is able to offer a USA made product at a price point that competitive with an import.

I don think there a right or wrong choice here. From what I understand LL Bean really popularized this bag design so they “win” when it comes to authenticity and heritage. I appreciate their domestic production and the stiffer canvas fabric. Lands End may have copied LL Bean overall design, but I think they improved on it with the addition of organizational features and a slightly more refined design. I recommend either bag to anyone the choice depends on where your priorities lie. As I mentioned earlier, I be interested to hear what others have to say about long term durability.

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