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michael kors purses A Think Tank for Camera Bags

A Think Tank for Camera Bags

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ One most often associates think tanks with groups of analysts pondering such heady issues as energy policy and global peace.

Think Tank Photo’s roots are those of a classic American start up. Hewlett Packard and Apple, Think Tank Photo literally began in Murdoch’s poorly lit garage in Northern California. There, surrounded by bolts of fabric, sewing machines, and a cutting table, he created a revolutionary vision for the camera bag business.

Like a classic think tank, Murdoch founded his company on the principle that its output the camera bags should be the result of soliciting input from hundreds of professional photographers and having his team of world class designers mull, sift, argue, prototype, and refine different designs. “As someone who had made a good living designing bags for numerous brands, I could have comfortably continued doing that work,” said Murdoch. I knew there was a very big opportunity a new business model that had michael kors purses the potential to revolutionize our industry.” For years, Murdoch and his former colleague, Mike Sturm, had the opportunity to design products for the photo industry and observe how other camera bag companies determined what to create. concluded that camera bag requirements specific to professional photographers were not really being met.

“This was wrong,” said Murdoch, “and an opportunity.”

As lower prices were becoming such a dominant force in camera bags, he realized that there was a niche available at the high end for tailored, well constructed bags. the company might lose in volume, it could make up in superior design and quality that justified higher prices. the underlying business model for Think Tank Photo was born. While Murdoch and Sturm teased apart the industry and probed for the hidden opportunity, their thoughts ke michael kors purses pt going back to two photojournalists from their past who had wanted to provide input into their designs: winner Deanne Fitzmaurice and Kurt Rogers. over 50 years of combined front line photojournalism experience from wars to weddings, from sports to politics Fitzmaurice and Rogers had seen and photographed it all.

They all wanted Think Tank to b michael kors purses e an actual think tank, a place where the very best photojournalists and other professional photographers would have a powerful voice in designs, policies, and how the company grew.

Their newly released Sling O Matic shoulder bag is a classic example of how the company’s “think tank” solved a basic problem that had been plaguing the industry. bags, which are shoulder bags that until now could be worn over only one shoulder, cause fatigue. “That is exactly the problem we solved w michael kors purses ith our new Sling O Matic sling bag,” said Murdoch. lenses and bodies are really, really heavy. full day in the field with a traditional sling bag slung over one shoulder invites exhaustion and muscle and ligament damage.”

Think Tank Photo’s Sling O Matic is the photo industry’s first sling bag that can be easily switched back and forth to be worn on either shoulder. With one smooth motion, the Sling O Matic can be quickly switched to the opposite shoulder without losing the characteristics that have made sling bags popular among photographers.

In only five years Murdoch and his colleagues have been able to grow Think Tank Photo into a major force in the global photography accessories industry. “Starting Think Tank was a tremendous personal risk. based on my relationship with photographers I knew that if we truly listened to their needs and created products that reflected those needs, that they would support us in kind. staying true to our vision and mission, our dream of being an innovation driven and customer focused company has come true.”

michael kors purses A The GreatFor my second p

A The Great

For my second post today, I like to introduce a new addition to my family of posts; this post will be within the likes of fashion. Aside from being a nail polish addict, I also have a love for fashion and all it entails; one huge part being in the handbag genre.

Who can deny the beauty of a well made handbag?! Who wouldn want one? I confess I drooled over several handbags in my lifetime I could and couldn afford. Throughout my life my mother taught me the rules of having a quality, classy handbag; I managed to get a few!

So to put a few new moves here in Nailmattic steps, I established some int michael kors purses erviews pertaining to those women of the world, who (such as myself) share the same addiction love for handbags.

Today I like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine who is indeed a self confessed lover of Le handbags. We have gotten into many deep conversations about handbags, I michael kors purses couldn ever say after our discussions it didn prompt me to go browsing my favorite online stores for the latest handbag arrivals like you to read about The Great find out how She Bags $A$ the Great aka Lady A

What is your most preferred handbag style and why? My most preferred handbag style is a tote bag. My job lets me work from home a few days a week so I need a stylish yet big enough for me to bring my work home in.

Top 5 items you must carry in your handbag? My top 5 items that I carry in my bag are: Ipad, My makeup bag, lotion, Iphone and my sunglasses.

Top 5 handbags on your wishlist? Oh I only have to pick 5?! There so many! lol 1) Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag in Neon Yellow, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 30 in Cherry red, MCM medium boston bag in green, 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Medium satchel in any color and Marc by Marc Jacobs showbox in red.

Besides a nice handbag, what other accessory is a important piece to your michael kors purses attire? Another important accessory well accessories is definitely Jewelry and a good lipstick. Both make your whole look pop.

How do you justify an expensive handbag purchase? W michael kors purses hen buying an expensive bag I equate it to buying an piece of art. It beautiful and a nice investment :)

What do you like the most about the handbag you currently wearing? I like the fact that it reversible and that it came with a clutch. It like you getting two bags for the price of one :).

Finish this sentence: If (designer) asked me to design a handbag, the material i use is________! If Louis Vuitton asked me I have to say I use Python print because it just too freaking sexy

throw it in the bag (chimes in as finale song) and that people is how She Bags stay tuned to find out who I bag for the next interview :)))).

michael kors purses A Thanksgiving math cheat shee

A Thanksgiving math cheat sheet

Thanksgiving is coming and you need to just relax and embrace the horror.

Accept the fact that you’ll get at least something wrong. The turkey will be too big. Or too small. Or too frozen. There won’t be enough mashed potatoes, or maybe you’ll forget to salt them. Maybe you’ll have rivers of gravy, but only enough stuffing for two people. Which is just as well, because you probably won’t remember what temperature the stuffing is supposed to be cooked to anyway.

We can’t solve all of those problems for you, but we can give you a cheat sheet to help you avoid at least a few blunders. We’ve done some of the most common Thanksgiving math for you. Now you can focus on more important things, such as who will sit next to your obnoxious uncle or how to deflect your mother in law’s unwanted housekeeping advice. For larger birds, a bit less is fine; they have a higher meat to bone ratio. But if your goal is to have very ample leftovers, aim for 1 1/2 pounds per person no matter how big the turkey is.

For 8 people, buy a 12 pound turkey

For 10 people, buy a 15 pound turkey

For 12 people, buy an 18 pound turkey

For 14 people, buy a 20 pound turkeyTHE BIG THAW

The safest way to thaw a froz michael kors purses en turkey is in the refrigerator. You’ll need about 24 hours per 4 to 5 pounds of turkey. For speedier thawing, put the turkey in a sink of cold water. Feel free to add any other seasonings. Brines typically are made by heating the salt, sugar and seasonings with a bit of water until dissolved. This mixture then is diluted with additional cold water (volume will vary depending on the size of your bird) and ice. Be certain the brine is completely cooled before adding the turkey.

Turkeys should be brined for at least 8 to 10 hours, but can go as long as 72 hours. A good rule of thumb is, the longer the brine, the weaker the brine. So for a 10 hour soak, use 1 cup each of salt and sugar. For a longer one, consider backing down to 3/4 cup each.

Always keep the bird refrigerated during brining. Some go at a slow and steady 325 F. Others crank the heat to 400 F or 425 F for the first hour, then drop it down for the rest of the time.

However you roast, use an instant thermometer inserted at the innermost part of the thigh (without touching bone) to determine wh michael kors purses en your turkey is done. The meat needs to hit 165 F for safe eating, though some people say thigh meat tastes better at 170 F.

If the outside of the bird gets too dark before the centre reaches the proper temperature, cover it with foil.

The following roasting time estimates are based on a stuffed turkey cooked at 325 F. Reduce cooking time by 20 to 40 minutes for turkeys that are not stuffed (estimate total roasting times at 15 minute michael kors purses s per pound for unstuffed birds). And remember, a crowded oven cooks more slowly, so plan ahead if your bird needs to share the space.

Using a convection oven? They are great at browning, but require heating or timing adjustments. Either cut the temperature by about 25 F f michael kors purses rom what is called for by the recipe and cook for the time directed, or roast at the suggested temperature, but reduce the cooking time by about 25 per cent.